Here is a compilation of some unconventional ‘first dance songs’ (how many times can you listen to “At Last anyways?). If you want more info, click here to see blog entries on more wedding songs. If you have any other first dance song suggestions, leave a comment or email

  • Erica Sharp said:

    Another great song I would strongly suggest is by Amel Larrieux: Make Me Whole

  • Jason Miles said:

    We love Birds of Wales from Toronto and a perfect song for a first dance would be “My Lady In July”

    Love the blog… keep inspiring!

  • Jamie said:

    As cheesy as she may be, Miley Cyrus’ “When I Look at You” is what my fiance and I are using for our first dance :) Now, do you happen to have a playlist for daddy-daughter dances???

  • Geri said:

    This playlist is missing a couple of songs from Chrisette Michelle! :)

  • Min said:

    I love Sea of Love, the Cat Power version (not so much the cheesy original by the Honeydrippers!)

  • Michelle said:

    I’m a big fan of Ben Folds - “The Luckiest”

  • Kate Gass said:

    David Grey this year’s love. it was our wedding song and we are willing to share. Great list!

  • Lindsay said:

    We are contemplating Weezer - I want you to!! We just want to be fun! Then play our song a few songs later by 311 - Love Song.

  • Kristin H said:

    Do you have any father/daughter song suggestions that aren’t over played and country?

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