I’ve had an obsession with garlands of tissue paper tassels for quite a while now. I got a chance to create one when I was creating the decor for my blue, gold & white baby shower (surprise if you didn’t know yet, I’m expecting!).  While there are so many tutorials out there, the method I used was one of the ways that creates a fuller tassel with just one sheet of tissue paper. How easy? So easy. Time consuming? You could say that. But I think the final effect is so worth it and I think I will hang onto them for future parties or as decor for my office. I tried my best to capture a few snaps along with the steps so that you can create one just as easily.

DIY paper tissue garland gold blue white

Step 1: Open up a single sheet of tissue paper and fold it in half.

DIY tissue tassel

Step 2: Fold the tissue paper again in half.

DIY tissue tassel

Step 3: Fold the tissue paper yet again, ensuring that you’re keeping the last fold crease at the top. So you’re basically going to end up with one large fold crease at the top.

Step 4: Lay the tissue paper down on a table with the single crease at the top. Using a pair of scissors, cut approximately 1/2 inch from the left side up till you’re about 1 inch from the top.

Continue cutting…

DIY tissue tassel

Step 5: Your tissue paper should now look like this! Don’t worry, you might loose some tassels in the process because the tissue paper layers might not align perfectly OR you can’t cut straight (happened to me ALL the time). However, because it’s a fuller tassel, you won’t notice the missing pieces.

Step 6. Open up the entire sheet of tissue paper. You’ll notice in the center you’ll have a band of uncut tissue paper surrounded by loads of cut tassel ends on either side. Try your best to lay them all flat so they don’t tangle each other. I noticed that the the tissue paper wasn’t entirely flat because of how it was folded in the packaging. If you want to make it completely flat, I suggest that at Step 1, you lay a thick towel on top of the tissue paper and at the LOW setting of an iron, iron the item out. (You don’t want it to catch fire!). I don’t think this step is necessary because you don’t see the creases as much when the tassels are put together, as you’ll see in the final product below.

DIY tissue tassel

Step 7: Start rolling from point A to point B, trying to keep everything nice and tight. You might have to stop and feather out the tassels as they’ll start getting tied up with each other. Continue rolling.

DIY tissue tassel

Step 8: Once you’ve rolled the entire piece, the final product should look like this.

DIY tissue tassel

Step 9: Wrapping the center of the tissue paper around your index finger, create a loop. Close the loop using a dab of hot glue using your hot glue gun. Press and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then feed a ribbon through the loop!

DIY tissue tassel

To create a garland, measure out your desired ribbon length. I liked to cut the ribbon extra long so I could cut the ends when I reached the length I desired. To get even spacing between the tassels, I tied a knot around each loop of each tassel so they stayed in place. I alternated between my gold, baby blue and white tassels.

DIY paper tissue garland gold white baby blue

And finally, to hang them on the wall, I used some gold washi tape which was found on some other decor items and cut a triangle out of some strong glittered paperstock and attached that piece with some painters tape. It ended up staying on my wall for about 4 days before one side fell off. Alternatively, you can nail it into the wall if you want it to be a permanent fixture.

It’s THAT easy! Hope the steps work for you :)

All photos: weddingobsession.com


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Awesome tutorial, love these!

Shanna on May 30, 2013

I love how these look all strung up on a line! And your tutorial is fantastic.
Sonja - visiting from http://www.sustainmycrafthabit.com

Sonja on July 15, 2015

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