Remember my project to make attractive drink tokens? I finished them! I finally wrapped all 100 packages in tulle, finished off with a ribbon and a little card!

All it took was 3 episodes of Four Weddings Canada to finish wrapping all of them. I had the cards printed at Staples and I used leftover ribbon from a friend’s wedding.

Total cost for this project? Under $25.

Paint: $1 each, silver and purple (also used for other projects)
Stars: $7 for 260 wooden stars
Tulle: $5
Printing: ~ $10
Ribbon: Free! (Thanks to my friend, Karen, who got married last summer)


My favourite part of this project was when my fiancé painted all 260 stars with me while watching Batman: The Dark Knight Rises on DVD.

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Cute concept but I want an open bar on my wedding day, hahaha!

Lexi on May 06, 2013

It looks cute! Way way way better than tacky “admit 1″ tickets.

Maya on May 08, 2013

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