Keeping up with groom’s week, I’m excited to share that GOTSTYLE, a menswear boutique in Toronto, is guest blogging today to share some of style tips for the 2013 groom. Enjoy!

For many years when it came to wedding fashions the groom got left behind. Often ending up in dowdy rented suits and lost amongst a sea matching groomsmen. But alas, a new day has come! The groom of 2013 is stylish, savvy and wants to be the best version of himself on the most special of occasions. With wedding season knocking on our door here are a few tips to help the groom (and groomsmen) with the finishing touches.

Something Old: The grey three-piece suit

A classic grey suit is a staple of any man’s closet. Easily transitioning from wedding day to work and play, choosing to wear a third-piece can add formality in honour of the occasion or offer relief on a hot summer day when he wants to ditch the jacket but still look put together.

Something New: Mixed Media Shirts and Ties

It may be tonal or a rainbow of colour; anything goes with mixed media. Prints and patterns used to be options for casual and social dressing but more men are looking for zestful accents to liven up their wedding day wardrobe. Donning fabrics with texture and tossing the flat shirt and tie is an easy way to help differentiate the groom from the groomsmen and a painless way to create a more dynamic ensemble.

Something Borrowed: Taking a colour cue from the bride’s maids

Incorporating coloured accessories into wedding attire has been a long-standing tradition customarily seen in groomsmen vests, cummerbunds and ties. Colour is a great way to keep the wedding party looking harmonious but the men of today are looking to be more strategic and less theatrical. Gifting the groomsmen coloured shoelaces, printed socks, cufflinks, pocket squares or neckwear to match the groom is a great way to say thank you, keeping everyone synchronized and stay sensitive to wedding day budgets.

Something Blue: Suits of the perfect colour

For the groom that is feeling a little more adventurous a blue suit is the way to go. With a nod to traditional elements like a third piece seen here in a vest or a shawl collar on a tuxedo blue suits are a great option for any season that tells attendees the groom is fun, fashionable and isn’t afraid to show off his personality.

Regardless of what the groom decides for his special day there are two simple things to keep in mind, #1: A well-tailored suit is something he will never regret and the proof is in the wedding photos and #2: A bride never looks like her bridesmaids so a groom should never look identical to his groomsmen. By choosing a great fitting suit, printed fabrics and strategically placed pops of colour the grooms of 2013 are ready to shine!

All items featured in this post can be found at Gotstyle in Toronto Ontario.
62 Bathurst st at Wellington
21 Trinity st in the Distillery District
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I would like to be contact at this number 647-761-3789. I’m also is interested to know the cost and many more. Thanks

Stephanie henry on March 17, 2014

The Blue Tuxedo Shown Above, Is it still available

Randy on May 12, 2014

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