APR 18

Wedding Cake, Check!

By Krista

Let’s pretend for a minute that I didn’t leave ordering our wedding cake until less than two months before the wedding. Agreed? Okay great. In my defence  I’ve been in contact with Cake And Loaf bakery about it for over a year, on and off over email. I thought our plans were pretty simple so it wouldn’t be a huge ordeal. But only just now did my mom insist that we get our butts in gear and go get it taken care of. Last Tuesday seemed as good a day as any to venture out in the rain and have some wedding cake for dinner.

Over a year ago I blogged about our wedding cake plans, not much has changed. I’m still not a sweet tooth. I still want a simple tiered fluffy white cake. Our ReadyGo cake topper is tucked away safely, along with a bride and groom pieces to match, that look like Dave and I. He hasn’t seen them, so he won’t have any hints as to what my gown looks like. No more birdies. As much as I love them, it’s not a motif occurring anywhere else in the decor, so I opted for the bride and groom instead. 

On to cake-tasting. I loved their presentation. We were able to try vanilla butter cream, cream cheese and chocolate frostings, as well as a caramel drizzle and lemon custard. (I was pleasantly surprised by the lemon!) There were also red velvet, chocolate, vanilla and carrot cake samples. Cake and Loaf also has lots more flavours to choose from.

While I’ve confessed that I’m not big on desserts, I sure did enjoy my share of red velvet and cream cheese frosting. I might have uttered the words, “I’m finishing all of this, hope you didn’t want any more.” I definitely gobbed my fair share of goodies. Dave the-dessert-addict enjoyed all of it as well.

Since we’re serving our wedding cake as dessert instead of later on in the reception, we opted to order a faux tiered cake for display. It will have a real top tier that we can cut and have a bite of for the traditional photo op. As for the cake that we’ll be serving, we’ve ordered two sheet cakes. This way the slices can be cut more uniformly so each guest has the same serving size. Also, since we needed two sheet cakes to accommodate the number of guests, we decided to go with a different flavour for each. Chocolate bananarama (Dave’s pick) and pink velvet with cream cheese frosting (my pick). I decided on the spot that pink velvet instead of red was a better match to our theme and I’m pretty excited to see the final product.

How about the rest of you, was wedding cake or sweets high on your list of priorities?


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Check for me too! We went with a bakery that was close to the hall and let us suggest our own flavour. We are fans of TURTLES chocolate and our cake is based on the flavour. We will be serving the cake during DANCING as part of our savoury PUB GRUB should there be any guests with sweet tooths.

Charlene on April 18, 2013

We can not wait for this wedding!! Are we there yet!?

Outside In Studio on April 18, 2013

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