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Bridesmaids Dresses, Check

By Krista

I was still a little unsure of exactly what we were looking for when my five bridesmaids and walked in to Saratina Bridal Boutique on a Saturday morning. As usual I had a few pins in mind, hoping to find a long strapless dress in chiffon that all the girls might like. Whether or not they all wore the same exact style or colour, who knew!? Here are the two looks I liked best. Either long gowns in the lightest pink, or in a few different tones.

image via Style Me Pretty, by Leo Patrone

image via Style Me Pretty, by Clary Photo

Happy to say, it’s all set. Dresses ordered! Shoes for everyone too, and myself, as well as a necklace.

We had lots of fun at the boutique and everyone tried on a few dresses. I wanted everyone to be comfortable so if they all liked different styles that was okay with me. Coincidentally, they all agreed on the same Dessy dress, style 2832. We’ll remove the flower detail for the wedding.

We also decided to go with three different colours: oyster, cameo and rose.

I’m so glad it’s all decided! Can’t believe how much everything has changed since we first got engaged. The wedding is quickly becoming more elegant and less casual contemporary than I originally planned, but I think it will still be unique to us.


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