DEC 17

The Thing About Pink Tulle

By Krista


It’s barely been a month since I blogged about what my bridesmaids would wear… I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I’ve changed my mind. Again.

Here’s the thing about pink tulle… It’s lovely, and out of the ordinary and quirky. All reasons why I loved the idea of tulle skirts for my girls.

That being said, the longer I lived with the decision, I began to regret picking something that my bridesmaids couldn’t try on in person first. It’s not exactly an every day clothing item. Since we would be ordering custom pieces all the way from California, they really had to guess about where they would like it to sit on their waist and it might be a little intimidating sending measurements off in to the internetland, hoping for the ideal finished product to return months later all the way from California.

I have no doubt that what we would get would be cute… I even purchased some tulle myself, hoping to whip up a simple version that the ladies could try on to get a feel. But realistically, I barely have time to eat three meals a day lately, let alone slave away at the sewing machine.

The doubt crept in slowly but surely last week and after a chat with the girls, my mind was made up. Skirts out. Dresses in.

But where to find them?

We have an appointment at a bridal salon in a few weeks and I’m really excited to have a girly day with everyone.

I think it’s true what they say, it’s harder to pick the bridesmaids’ gowns than it is to pick the wedding dress.

How about you guys? What’s your bridesmaids dress hunt been like?






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My bridesmaids were super easy to work with and we found their dresses in one afternoon! My sister is in Hong Kong so she’ll be buying her own dress. I find that accepting mismatched styles in varying tones of one colour really helped us ease the process. Good luck!

Vinnie on December 17, 2012

I completely agree that picking out the bridesmaid dresses is more difficult that the wedding dress. However we used the same tactic with the bridesmaid dresses as we did with the wedding dress: people glow when they feel beautiful & comfortable. So rather than asking my ladies to pick a specific colour or to style I have asked them to pick dresses that celebrate their personality and reflect the inspiration for our wedding: soft, romantic, fun, comfortable. I did ask that the colour of the dresses match each other and I did ask that the girls pick out dresses that have similar material. They are still making the decision, but they have each narrowed the hunt down to two dresses!

Stacia on December 17, 2012

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