It’s official. Crafting begins. NOW.

I was in Ikea the other day and I bought 12 silver lanterns for under $60. My goal is to scatter a few real peach-coloured rose petals around the lantern and set up a cute table number for a simple centrepiece. At $4 a lantern and $5 for a small bag of real rose petals from my florist, I’d say that’s not a bad price for my budget saavy wedding!

Photo courtesy of Kelly’s Wedding Flowers.

As for the bunting? I found a no-sew fabric bunting banner tutorial that I will try soon. I bought $6 worth of ribbon from Dollarama, spent $10 for four metres of fabric, and fabric glue and some quality dress making scissors for $10. Oh, and don’t forget cheap but decent wine ($6.50 a bottle!) from our United States neighbours to round off a craft night with the girls.

I’m hoping to turn this:

Into this:

Image courtesy of Jam and Toast.

So far, my decor expenses are well under $150 for my wedding (including wine for craft nights). If all goes well, I won’t need more than that to decorate my wedding.

I’ll let everyone know how my bunting banner making session goes. In the mean time, tell me which of you brides will DIY or have DIY-ed successfully! And give me some pointers too!


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LadyBird Magpie on May 26, 2013

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