DIY modern cactus neon favors tin can

Lynzie of Love by Lynzie joins us again for a monthly DIY feature, sharing how you can create modern cacti planted in tin cans that can be used as place cards & favors. All photos are by Richelle Hunter.

-mini cactuses (we found ours at Home Depot and Ikea)
-potting soil
-clean tin cans
-neon coloured string
-double sided tape or hot glue
-neon paper

DIY cactus favors seating flag

DIY cactus neon modern favors tin can  (9)

DIY cactus neon modern favors tin can  (8)

Apply a small portion of double side tape or hot glue to a clean tin can. Starting at the top of the can, affix the end of the neon string to the tape or glue and begin wrapping the string evenly around the can. We created a random pattern alternating between orange and pink string. Finish each piece of string by pressing it firmly to the double sided tape or affixing another small dab of glue. Be sure to keep all glue/tape in one line along the back of the can for a cleaner look.

Fill the bottom of the can with potting soil. Transfer your cactus from the original packaging to the can. Remember, cacti don’t need much water so a drop or two will do. Add a bit more potting soil around the edges of the cactus until the can is full.

To make the name flag, we used a font called “Channel” that we found for free online. We printed names onto the neon coloured paper and then cut around the names in a pendant flag shape. Using a small piece of double sided tape, roll the name flag onto a toothpick.

Insert the toothpick into the soil et Voila! And inexpensive, colourful and double duty place card and favour.

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What a great idea to use tin cans. And I love the bright, cheerful colours.

Black Lamb Photography on November 26, 2012

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such a great idea!

jenn on November 30, 2012

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Cactus en las bodas, decoración y souvenir on March 02, 2013

This is such a unique and beautiful idea. A lot of weddings are being inspired now a days by “going green” and the use of live plants or trees is a really nice way to support a sustainable party favour. I love the name tags that were added, which make the favour even more personal.

Here is a similar idea of a sustainable and really cute party favour:

Sabrina DiBartolomeo on February 05, 2014

I love the idea of using plants as a party favour. It really suits the theme of “going green” when planning a wedding. The place cards also add a personal touch for your guests.

Here is another idea of a really cute plant/sapling idea for a “green” wedding party favour:

Sabrina DiBartolomeo on February 06, 2014

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