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Decor Obsession: Bunting

By Vinnie


I’m obsessed with bunting. For my engagement shoot, I chose to make a bunting banner that I saw off of Pinterest.

Image courtesy of Te Amo Photography.

My plan is to make bunting banners (with the help of my MOH or fiancé!) and drape them all over the backs of chairs at the ceremony.

Image via Polka Dot Bride.

I’d love to have a bunting seating chart:

Image via Folksy.

And a lovely handmade bunting cake-topper:

Image via Fifties Wedding.

Unfortunately, my mother’s wedding style is completely different! She likes glam and elegant and I love rustic DIY. She is afraid that bunting banners will “make it look like a birthday party.”

So readers, how much bunting is too much bunting? (Like there is such a thing!) Stop me before I reach bunting overkill!

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Good question!
I _love_ bunting as well but had a hard time justifying 200+ ft of the stuff made of fabric. Instead, we are going to make fabric bunting for door entries and across the front of the head table. I’ve figured out how to make paper garland using 1inch circles I’ve punched using a cutting machine. Instead of overload, I’m going to use bunting in the most visual places and use garland to keep the color scheme and make the evening playful.

Remind your mother that while you love her advice and value her input, it is still your wedding and she already had hers. You have to remind her that your wedding has to be a reflection of who you are, not who she wishes you were.


Lana on September 04, 2012

My sister sewed over 300 feet of bunting for my wedding! I was worried about bunting overload too but it wasn’t too much at all - we strung 200 feet across the tent and it was just enough to have a pretty impact. The rest was strewn about on various tables and again, it was actually pretty subtle.

Hilary on September 08, 2012

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