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Bridesmaids In… White?

By Krista

{If my lovely bridesmaids happen to be reading this, it might come as a bit of a surprise.}

So etiquette says you don’t wear white to a wedding. That’s reserved for the bride. Or is it?

There are lots of things about our wedding that you might consider “non-traditional” so why should the bridesmaids dresses be any different? Let’s face it, your traditional run-of-the-mill bridesmaid dress is not always the most fun piece of clothing to purchase or wear. It’s pretty common nowadays for bridesmaids to wear different styles in the same colour or multiple colours, even patterns! Pinterest is full of amazing examples of non-traditional bridesmaids’ dresses.

Even this Wedding Obsession feature from last week; I love the checked dresses on the bridesmaids pictured below. (Such a cute wedding by the way.)

image by Mimmo & Co.

I also love this option that I came across:

image via Wedding Bells, by Jesslaine Elise

Originally I had planned for the girls to pick different styles from Etsy designer Amanda Archer and have them made in gray. I love her designs, since they’re less formal, in my opinion. They would really fit the style of our wedding. Then plans for the groomsmen’s outfits changed and gray went out the window. So then I thought they could wear varying warm shades that matched the theme of the wedding, because I couldn’t make up my mind on one colour. Now I’m second-guessing myself.

Randomly last weekend, I wondered what if they wore white dresses? White dresses, with accessories in the bright warm shades like pink, yellow, and orange.

After a quick Google search, I realized it wasn’t totally unheard of. Might shock the grandmas a little bit, but it’s not the craziest thing in the world.

image via Style Me Pretty, by Jason Burns

image via Atlas & Campbell

image via Southbound Bride, by Ryan Graham

I told one of the girls what I was thinking and she was all for it. The guys could even wear coordinating shoes in colours to match the girls’ accessories. Or does that seem over the top?

I still can’t believe how indecisive I’m being. But with more than 300 days to go, and all the “big” details nailed down, I’m not really feeling much pressure. It’ll be easier to pick a style for the girls once I’ve picked my dress. Hopefully that will all be figured out by the end of August.

What you do you guys think about white bridesmaids dresses? Fun or no-way?



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Sorry, but I say no way! It definitely takes something away from the bride, even if the bridesmaid dresses are more casual. I say it’s the bride’s day to wear white, look soft and pretty and really stand out in the crowd!

Kelsey on July 30, 2012

Love bridesmaids in white…such an elegant and pretty look!

Valerie (PiecefulWedding) on July 30, 2012

I like it! I got married July 1st and wore a dress that was ivory lace over gold satin for an overall champagne tone, and had my girls in champagne as well. When you want an organic, soft feel, I think it is lovely to not have the bridal party jumping out in harsh colours.

Jessika on July 30, 2012

I absolutely hate the white bridesmaid trend, haha, it just looks wrong! For example, in the last picture with the bride and her bridesmaids all standing close together — she blends right into the white dresses and if you squint your eyes she becomes part of the blob of white dresses. Compositional issues aside — I love when bridesmaids where all different dresses, or different dresses in the same shade.

Kaitlyn on July 30, 2012

I say you’re the bride and do what you want to. The pictures you have with white dresses look great. I say there is no reason not to use white. There are many brides in this day and age that are going against all the so called “rules.” If it’s what you want for your day, then why not? Have a great day!

Lynn on July 30, 2012

Love the white trend!!! Make sure the dresses are short and different than your dress, otherwise I think it looks amazing in pictures! Go for it!

Sara on July 30, 2012

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Wedding Obsession - Canadian Wedding Inspiration Blog on August 03, 2012

I just got married a couple weeks ago and my bridesmaids were wearing ivory lace dresses with a very soft blush underlay. They looked gorgeous and so many people have told me how much they loved the dresses. Not pure white or ivory but we still got the soft, tonal look. It was very romantic!

Margot on August 04, 2012

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