MAY 21

The Dreaded B Word

By Krista

What “B” word? Bridezilla.

It’s coming up on one year until our wedding day. Holy cow! People are asking a lot how the planning is going.

I tell them, “Not so bad, actually.”

But it seems like there isn’t a whole lot to do lately. The big decisions are made. Who. Where. When. We should book a DJ soon and I need to start looking for the dress. So far, so good.

I might even be delaying planning a little bit. With just over a year left, it feels like we have a ton of time. At what point do you start to kick it in to high gear and get to that place where you can’t sleep because all you can think of are napkin treatments and place cards? (Not yet please. Because I have enough trouble sleeping on a regular basis.)

I think I’m putting off really getting started because I’m very conscious off seeming like a bridezilla. Or an obsessed bride. With plans for a career in wedding planning under way, and a brain and Pinterest boards full of wedding ideas, it’s a fine line between interested and obsessed.

I can be impatient. I can be grumpy. I can be blunt. I can be inflexible. At times.

image via My Glass Slipper

I like to think the majority of the time I do my best to go with the flow. Be polite and accommodating

Throughout the whole wedding planning process I’ve been a wee bit paranoid about coming off like a crazy bridezilla. I’m sure we all will have at least one of those moments. I just hope mine are few and far between, preferably in private, away from my loved ones, maybe in a rubber room. Hopefully with a box of Kleenex and a bottle of Fetzer reisling close by for afterwards.

I don’t want to be one of those people that everyone is complaining about under their breath, and biting their tongue and just waiting for it all to be over.

Last week for example I started to write an email to my bridesmaids and the mums about makeup, then I second guessed myself and waited another few days before sending them anything. What is the difference between anal-retentive and organized? How fine a line is there between crazypants and on the ball?

Bottom line, I’m treading these waters carefully.

I hope our wedding is fun for everyone involved and as much as I’m dreading being the centre of attention, I keep reminding myself that it’s a celebration of us and everyone is more than happy to participate. Fingers crossed, I’ll keep it that way.


For those of you already married or still planning, what was your “bridezilla” moment? Or moments?

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I really don’t like that term. I think it’s pretty anti-feminist and yet another way for society to generalize women who know what they want and work hard to get it.
I’m type A, but respectful and understand that how I make my loved one’s feel is my top priority. If I want to get knit-picky about little details, I do that on my own without involving others.

Michelle on May 21, 2012

You’re totally right, it’s definitely a fine line to walk on. I don’t want to say I was a ‘bridezilla’ but I definitely knew what I wanted and agree with Michelle in saying that it’s annoying when others label ourselves in a negative way!

I say stick to your guns, consider and be respectful of other’s opinions (which I know you already are), and do what you think is best. If you’re not organized or on top of things, then people will wonder why you’re too “relaxed”. In fact, heading up to my wedding, a couple friends wondered why I wasn’t stressed out or finished my projects.

Melissa on May 21, 2012

I got really irritated with how readily people threw that term around with myself or any of my friends who were getting married. I felt like the minute you get slightly stressed or upset, and, let’s face it, weddings are stressful, you were automatically labeled a bridezilla.

I did have two moments of minor break down…the first was when I was up late for like the fifth night in a row with my sisters working on some minute project that I didn’t actually care about, but needed to get done (things like how the waiters would identify who had what type of meal) and all I wanted to do was go to a workout class the next morning since it would help me destress and I hadn’t been able to workout for a week or so at that point (it was within the final two weeks before the wedding). I broke down crying in our kitchen about how I wanted to go to bed and workout. My younger sister (who is a bit of a wild child), thought that to ease the tension, she would flash (no joke) my older sister and myself. We were incredibly shocked and did end up busting up laughing. So it ended up being a very entertaining memory.

My other moment was when, five days before the wedding, I got an RSVP card in the mail from my (now) husband’s a-hole of an uncle who we don’t even like, but felt we needed to invite to not cause family drama. He had crossed off the RSVP date, written his own in (like that makes it better!), didn’t apologize or anything for the late response, and the best (worst?) part of it was he had RSVP’d for five guests… he only has four people in his family. So the extra guest was one of his wife’s children who we had never met. They would take up almost a whole other table and I had already made a seating chart and had no room for five extra people at a table. We had already paid for centerpieces. AND this uncle was feuding with some other family members, so we couldn’t place him just anywhere in the room. I waved the RSVP at my husband and told him I really disliked his family’s drama and for all I cared, his uncle could sit in the back room with the dance floor and no center piece! It ended up working out because we have a couple of his other family members canceling at the last minute, but it was still really irksome to have to deal with on top of everything else.

Danielle on May 21, 2012

@danielle - I guess things worked out after all though! But man would I be pissed if I got a card 5 days before WITH the rsvp date crossed out. That’s just rude.

Melissa on May 21, 2012

The Dreaded B Word | Wedding Obsession - Canadian Blog

(@TheGiftNetwork) (@TheGiftNetwork) on May 22, 2012

@danielle haha, that is sooo rude! I can’t imagine getting an RSVP that late with no apology! I probably would have called and politely said, sorry, too late, can’t come anymore. But then again, I’m probably going to be a legit bridezilla. ;p

Kaitlyn on May 22, 2012

well, my dear bride… I thought your wedding was this week! & then realized that it is next year :)
it seems as though as the day approaches, I am more apathetic about details than when I first began.

I have been reminded that the marriage is a lifetime and the wedding is a day - that said, I think there are moments where being assertive gets your point across with some vendors/wedding industry. I am particular, admittedly, but there have and will always be these moments where what I think is the ‘right’ way of doing something may not be ultimate right for all the people i know…

I agree though, tired of hearing people ask “so … are you going to be bridezilla?” on May 24, 2012

[…] Last time, I told you how I’m delaying wedding planning for fear of being a bridezilla. Finding my wedding dress is no different… I think for some brides, going out and picking the dress is at the top of their list. […]

The Wedding Dress Conundrum | Wedding Obsession - Canadian Blog on June 04, 2012

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