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Meet Anna & Chris. Although these love birds met online through a dating website, both weren’t at the time actively seeking. In fact, Anna’s profile was created by her sister and Chris was urged to do the same by a college friend. Just when Anna was just about to delete her profile, she got a short message from her soon to be husband quoting a line from “A Night at the Roxbury” that immediately caught her attention. Here’s their lovely engagement session captured by Anna Jones Photography. It was hard narrowing it down to just these few images even though I wanted to share them all.

We continued talking for a few weeks before we met for our first date, DQ and a scary movie (during which I kept my eyes closed for almost the entire time!). Chris was witty, funny, and genuine - I was smitten! Even though we just met, we felt incredibly comfortable being around each other. As time passed, we both just naturally wanted to spend more and more time together, and so we grew closer until we were inseparable.

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Chris proposed to me on Christmas morning, 2011. While exchanging presents early in the morning, I unwrapped Chris’ present to me… a vintage Polaroid Business Edition camera with black and white Polaroid film. Excited, I decided to try it on my first subject, our orange tabby cat sitting in a gift box on the bed. As I popped open the camera and snapped the shot, a flash lit up the room and a picture ejected through the bottom. When I pulled out the picture and turned it around, instead of the photograph I was expecting, the picture was an image of the words “Will You Marry Me?”. I turned around to see Chris kneeling at the side of the bed repeating the words that I just read on the Polaroid picture and holding a beautiful engagement ring. Needless to say, I was extremely surprised and so excited… I did not hesitate, it was a definite YES!

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Our wedding will be this May, and we took inspiration from the Spring season for our big day. The wedding colours are a light coral, pink, with some fresh light green accents. We have decided on an outdoor garden ceremony, followed by an intimate celebration with our close friends and family. The feel for the day will be romantic, whimsical, and not too formal. We are really looking forward to the day to celebrate our love and beginning the rest of our life together :)

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Featured | Anna and Chris featured on @wedobsession blog! Check out the post to read how these two lovebirds met…

annajonesphotography (@annajonesphoto) on May 03, 2012

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