I used to be firmly set on a gray and yellow wedding. So much so that our friends would teasingly tell me those were their colours each time one of them got engaged before I did. Now it’s my turn and I’m finding it tough to keep my mind made up. I still absolutely love yellow and gray as a combo for weddings, surprisingly though, I’m doing something different.

While you’ve all patiently waited for me to explain the theme for our wedding, I’m afraid I can’t quite pinpoint it, by a name, or specific colours.

If you’ve already hunted me down on Pinterest then perhaps you already know the direction we’re heading. (If you haven’t, by all means, check me out and enjoy all the eye candy!)

Basically, at this point, we’re like pigeons attracted to shiny things. If it’s bright and colourful and we love it, we want it.

Very early on after our engagement, David and I spent an evening browsing blogs to make sure we were on the same page in terms of decor and theme. Due to his advertising background and love of type and design, he stuck mostly to Design Work Life and forwarded me awesome invitation after awesome invitation. Meanwhile I devoured every wedding blog I could get my hands out and pointed out schemes that I may or may not have already browsed prior to the shiny ring appearing.

image via Style Me Pretty

This particular wedding from Style Me Pretty is one of our favorites and one of the first that sold me on changing the colour scheme. It has some amazing fun and modern details and I love that there is so much vibrant colour. You’ll see it a lot on my wedding pin board.

I can’t quite decide between a spin on the primary colours, with coral red, Tiffany blue and yellow or something less simple. Why not all the warm hues? Red, coral, pink, yellow, and orange along with pops aqua.

As the desire for colour, colour, and more colour increased, so did my strange obsession with balloons.

image via Wedding Chicks

If you’re looking for buzz words, I’m not sure that I have any. Yet.

While I love vintage details, I’m leaning towards quirky and fun, rather than rustic and romantic. I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate some of the items from around our house in to the decor, or at least draw inspiration from the style around our home. Things will be more casual than elegant. I hope our guests will agree that the decor will reflect us as a couple and our personalities.

image via I Do Crafts

Normally I’m not this indecisive. If you give me a few options, I can make a confident decision pretty quickly.

Maybe I’m suffering from a bit of information overload. There is so much beautiful inspiration on Wedding Obsession, and the rest of the internet. Just when I think I’ve made a decision, I come across something new while browsing online and I’m torn all over again. Also, with more than 400 days to go until the wedding, there’s still plenty of time to choose, so who says I have to make up my mind right now?

Luckily, so far, we’ve made up our minds on the most important things. The date, venue, the photographer, and some of the smaller details like cake and decor items.

I’ll continue to reveal some of our details in the monthly Share The Love features and my posts every few weeks.

Of course, here’s one of my Etsy round ups. I shared this one on my own blog shortly after we got engaged. It’s still pretty close to what I have planned now.

for like ever wood sign

12 Recycled Map Heart Sticke…

Sweetly - modern and charmin…

Dirty Addiction Love Struck …

25 Aqua Stripe Paper Straws …

Wedding or Engagement Mr and…

Cake Topper Set - Custom Cak…

Contemporary Chic Wedding In…

Wedding Gown with Lace Sweet…

Party decorations - 3 pomwhe…


Bright Yellow Rose and Turqu…


I hope you love it as much as I do! I can’t wait to share more details now that the “theme” is finally revealed.

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