So, as the times change, so do brides. It seems that with sites such as Pinterest we all have the thought that we can make a lot of what we see on there! If you were to see my page, well, your mouth would drop at the sight of all the “Projects I Love”. Trust me when I say, there will never be enough time in my lifetime to accomplish everything I’ve pinned.

Well, for some brides, DIY applies to their weddings. So, for those of you who are planning on making every aspect of your wedding a DIY project (including your flowers), here is a helpful tutorial on how to make a simple rose bouquet.

So, rather than jumping right in, I thought I would share a short list of items that one would need:

1. Roses (well, of course)
2. Coordinating decorative 12 gauge aluminum wire
3. Coordinating decorative Pins
4. Coordinating ribbon/fabric of your choice
5. Waterproof Floral Tape
6. Floral Snips that are sharp and will not pinch stems
7. Ribbon scissors

For several items above, a quick trip to your local florist will get you suited up.

Now, it’s time to delve right in.

Step 1: Start with two roses. With the first one in a vertical position, lay the second rose at a 90 degree angle to the first and hold in your left hand with a LOOSE grip (for lefties, follow these instructions with the opposite hand).

Step 2 + 3: Bringing your right hand behind the first rose, gently grasp the horizontal flower and lightly twist the flower in a clockwise fashion, bringing it vertically beside the first. Be gentle with your grip as you are guiding the flower into position and not trying to bend it’s stem in an unnatural fashion. Mental note: this is not yoga for flowers. Once the flower has been put into place, twist the arrangement a quarter turn clockwise to allow for the next rose to be placed the same way as the previous placement. This will ensure roses are not placed one ‘atop’ another. What you are trying to achieve is a round fitted look, as oppose to a stacked one.

Step 4: Follow the same procedure for a third rose. Remember to lay it horizontally across the first two roses and using your right hand, reach behind the vertical flowers and gently twist the flower clockwise into place. Then while holding all roses, make a quarter turn of the flowers, clockwise.

Step 5: Keep adding flowers in this same manner. As you can see in this photo, with each clockwise turn of the bouquet, flower number 2, which was once at the top of the middle flower, is now at the bottom. I am allowing for each rose to be situated beside the previous placement.

Step 6: A small bouquet of 7 roses is perfectly symmetrical. This can be used for the bridesmaids.

Step 7 + 8: For a larger bouquet, just continue adding roses until you get to your desired size. Don’t forget to make a clockwise quarter turn after each placement.

Step 9: When you feel that you have a desired size, adjust the placement of the roses throughout the bouquet. Ensure that any gaps are filled in. To create a rounded look, ensure that the centre roses are slightly higher than those surrounding. The roses on the edge of the bouquet should be placed the lowest. If roses are kept all at the same height, you will have a very awkward and flat looking bouquet.

Step 10 + 11: Using the Waterproof tape, tape the stems at most two inches from the base of the blooms. Make a second placement of tape further down the stems. Don’t place it too far as you need to cover both tape applications with your ribbon/fabric.

Step 12: Using your floral snips, cut the stems no longer than 8”. If you want a more petite stem look, you can cut them shorter.

Step 13 + 14: Using your coordinating ribbon, or fabric, begin to wrap the stems until you have your desired look. In this example, we used a Sisel ribbon. Cut excess off with your ribbon scissors and use your decorative pins to hold the ribbon in place.

Step 15: Using your coordinating wire, tightly curl one end to avoid any sharp ends from poking outwards.

Step 16: Doing a random curling pattern, wrap the aluminum around your fabric/ribbon handle. You can be as elaborate or simple as you like. Finish the wire the same way as you started, with a tight curl to avoid injuries from a sharp point on the wire.
Step 17: And voila, the top view of your DIY bouquet!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this 1,2,3…tutorial on how to create your very own rose bouquet.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions on making your own rose bouquet for your wedding or leave a comment on this post.

Happy Planning!

- Jennifer* of Akiko Floral Artistry Inc.

Credits (Edmonton & Area Vendors)
Tutorial + Photography: Akiko Floral Artistry Inc.

* Jennifer shares a floral themed post once per month

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Great job ladies! Love this post!

Sheri on March 19, 2012

you rock! “@AkikoFloral: Our latest post on Wedding Obsession!…”

Melsha Shea (@WeddingJitters) on March 19, 2012

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How to make your own wedding bouquet! « Eat Pray Travel on March 22, 2012

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