How many of you just hope to find a dress that fits your “colour scheme” and leave it at that? Well, after viewing the latest spring line from J.Crew, I picked out some of the trends and thought I’d share them with you. The styles and colours have totally pumped me up, excited what spring has in store for us.

Which trends will you consider?

BOLD colours - dresses + shoes: I love that they’ve paired a bold coloured shoes with equally stand-out coloured dresses. I love contrast and I love that you shouldn’t be afraid to infuse fashion and pizzazz in your bridesmaids outfits. They’ll love you for it.

FLORAL prints: Would you consider this? Remember my latest obsession, graphic bridesmaid dresses?

STACKED bracelets: Long been a favorite of mine, this look is perfect for the modern bridesmaid. If you’re opting for a simple black dress, this is definitely a way for you to incorporate your other wedding colours inexpensively.

Above the KNEE hems: I love that the dresses skim just above the knees. They’re not your granny’s dress and not too skimpy.

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(@KelseyAllisa) (@KelseyAllisa) on March 16, 2012

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