MAR 02

Weekly Wrap-Up

By Melissa

Canadian ladies, there’s a new stamp in town! Canada Post sent over a couple photos of their new floral series stamps that will be a pretty accessory to your wedding envelopes. I know when I was sending out my invites, choosing the right stamp was key, trying my best to avoid the ‘standard’. Because that’s how us modern girls roll, right? :)


Toronto/Montreal Brides: Be sure to check out the preview of Elsa Corsi’s new jewelry line. Below is information for the Toronto show. Those of you in Montreal, check out Elsa’s website for more details.

Vancouver Brides: Remember twobirds Bridesmaid? They’re having a trunk show at the lovely Loden Hotel in Vancouver this weekend (March 2-4) and they still have a couple appointment spots open this weekend! Contact if you’re interested!

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