It’s no secret that most brides’ favourite wedding-related topic is the dress! However, shopping for the perfect dress can be extremely overwhelming, and I know from experience. I believe I visited about 6 bridal shops in Edmonton & Toronto before finding the one in Calgary. The ladies at are sharing one bride-to-be’s tips when it comes to wedding dress shopping based on their own experience:

{Gowns: Elizabeth Filmore Bridal}

The first step: Gather Inspiration!
You’ve likely looked through every wedding magazine you could get your hands on from the minute you got engaged. This is probably the best place to start. Before you even set foot in a bridal salon, look at tons of pictures to start to get an idea of what you like.

Keep in mind, what looks great in a magazine might look completely different on you. And, what you’re not crazy over in a picture could actually look amazing. Use pictures to start to form ideas, but at the same time be open-minded once you start actually trying on dresses.

The second step: Let the Shopping Begin!
First off, go to more than one store! You don’t want to buy your wedding dress, and end up with regrets later because you feel like you didn’t try on enough. Other than that, here are my main tips:

Don’t try on too many dresses.

      At the very least, not all in one visit. You WILL start to get overwhelmed, and from there confusion sets in.


      All those wedding magazines you bought?

Rip out some pictures and bring them with you!
Be open!

      Let your consultant make some suggestions for you. Even if you hate it, what’s the worst that can happen? You try the dress on, and it’s good for a laugh if nothing else (yes, this did happen to me). Remember, it’s supposed to be fun.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT bring more than about three or four people with you, tops.

      Your own voice will start to get lost in the chaos, and it’s YOUR dress! You want to be the one to make the final decision! It can be tempting to want as many opinions as possible, but keep it simple – a couple of close family members or friends… the people who know you best.

Don’t feel pressured to buy a dress.

    You have to have “that feeling”. Trust me, it will happen. Regardless of whether or not you tear up or get emotional, something inside you will just KNOW it’s the right dress.

Enjoy the search!


Do you have any dress shopping tips for brides-to-be? I’d love to hear it.

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I have been selling wedding gowns for 14 years, we see approximately 30 customers a week, so that amounts to alot of experience.

While I do agree with some of your tips, there are some that I do not agree with.

I do not recommend ladies to look at any pictures or magazines as a starting point. The first place to start is in a shop trying on. Find out what style actually suits your figure first before you look at magazines and internet sites. 95% of my customers come in with a picture that they have fallen in love with and are sooooooo disappointed when they don’t look good in it. Once you have found the style that flatters you the most and that you like then start cruising the magazines to find the dream dress, if you have not found it when trying on.

Absolutely have an open mind. The most common words said in my store is “Gosh I would never have chosen this and I love it”. Allow the sales consultant to show you what she knows will suit you as well as the dresses that you have chosen.

NEVER allow anyone to pressure you into buying a dress on the spot. ALWAYS sleep on it. Even when they tell you that it is the only one, if it is there in the morning it is meant for you and if you are not thinking about it in the morning it is not for you.

I recommend no more than one friend and your mother (if she is going to allow you to make up your own mind). If you bring alot of people there are just far too many opinions going around and it can be very disheartening. Remember it is YOUR wedding and therefore if you look good in a dress, it is not anyone elses business if they do not like the style or design.

But the most important thing to remember is to have FUN FUN FUN, because if you relax and enjoy yourself it will be such a wonderful experience!!

Wendy Ladell on October 03, 2011

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