I’ve decided to run a series of posts called the Monday Pep Talk because I know that weddings can be entirely stressful (I know from experience!). Feel free to share your own experiences or bring up other ‘issues’ you’ve come across either via email to melissa@weddingobsession.com or leaving a comment for these posts :) !

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Let’s face it, there will always be something better.

If you’re just in the process of planning your wedding, especially if you’ve already decided your wedding theme, you might have been bit with the “I like that too” syndrome. Poster child for this syndrome? ME.

With the overwhelming number of wedding blogs, magazines and pinterest, you’re always faced with something new and exciting. Maybe your tastes transcend beyond just one style of wedding; Perhaps you initially wanted a modern wedding but suddenly fell in love with with a vintage-set photo shoot. Do you decide to scrap the theme altogether and travel a different route or keep with the theme you’ve already chosen?

Here’s some of my own thoughts for you to think about if you’ve got the bug:

1. Stay with your first instinct. Trust it.

Somehow you always end up with your first choice. You know yourself best so if you gravitate to a style immediately, follow it.

2. Take a look at your closet and/or home as an indication of what your wedding style will be.

What colours, patterns or textures are most prevalent? Most often, the style that you wear or decorate with will translate into your wedding style. For example, I love to wear greys and blacks. But I also like to pair it with soft colours. I’m not one for lots of jewelry and I like things to be classic but minimalist. Sure enough my wedding included a lot of grey and black, with pops of chartreuse. It was contemporary and clean-lined.

3. If you fall in love with something new, consider how you can incorporate it into your wedding without much effort and tweaking it so that it fits with the rest of your wedding decor choices.

For example, I came across a rustic/country-themed place card idea with circle holes punched through the card to show colourful pieces of fabric. But the theme of my wedding was squares, not rounded corners, so I modified the idea so that I could use the design but fit it within my wedding theme. I used a square hole punch instead and filled the space with pieces of patterned scrapbook paper that matched my wedding colours (see below).

4. Combine the two styles.

You love vintage. But you love modern. Why not combine the two and add elements of both to your wedding?

5. Realize when it’s time to move on.

Scraping what you’ve already planned or purchased can be hard on your budget. I actually have a box of wedding decor and supplies that haven’t been used because I changed my mind and it was too late to return them. Waste of space and money! When you’ve made a decision, stick to it. Move on and look for decor pieces that you haven’t decided or purchased yet. And if you have to, stop looking at certain magazine or blog sections if you know it’s going to sway your decision.

Can you relate to the “I like that too” syndrome? Remember to stick to your gut and be happy with your decision because your guests likely won’t realize or fully appreciate all the details because they’re there to support and see you guys tie the knot and start your new lives together.

Happy planning

- M

{images: modern - see post here / vintage - see post here / card inspiration - martha stewart weddings}

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Such great advice. All so very true.

anna and the ring on September 12, 2011

Yes!!! Every day I would find a new idea!!:)

Sarah on September 12, 2011

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