Looking to recoup some money from your recent wedding? Consider selling your wedding dress online! Not only will you recoup about 50% of what you paid, you’ll get bonus karma points because you’ll help another bride save on her wedding budget.

Not sure how to get started? The ladies over at SmartBrideBoutique.com are sharing their 6 tips to sell your wedding dress:


  1. Tip #1: There’s no time like the present! 

    Post your dress for sale as soon after your wedding as possible. Trust us, you’re not going to wear it again, so why leave it hanging in your closet?

    Used dresses continue to hold their resale value for roughly 2 - 3 years after they’re purchased and worn (depending on the style) but generally sell for the most money within the first year.

  2. Tip #2: Use a Fabulous PhotoBrides to be will want to see your dress looking its best, so be sure to use photos that show off the potential of your dress. Here are our tips for the best photos to include:


    • A full length picture of the front & back of your dress (preferably on a person or mannequin – maybe even one of your wedding shots!)
    • A close-up picture of any detailing, beading or embellishments on your dress
    • A close-up picture of any damage or stains on the dress.
    • A picture from the manufacturer

    Posting less than stellar photos - on a hanger on the back of your door, badly lit or no photo at all - will make it more difficult for the potential buyer to visualize the dress and could hurt your chances of making that sale.

    Here’s some photos I would use from my own wedding to sell my wedding dress, just to give you an idea. Of course, I would also include a photo of the back of the dress.


    {images: jessica fern facette}


  4. Tip #3: Be Specific!Brides will be scanning many listings in their search for a wedding dress, so providing more information will likely help to sell your dress more quickly. Be specific about color, brand and model number. Often, brides-to-be will try the dress on in a store before they search online for a budget-friendly version, so the more information you can provide, the better.
  5. Tip #4: List any AlterationsIt’s important to be up front about the condition of your dress. Describe any alterations that were made and specify whether or not they’re reversible.

    For example, the original dress might have been a size 10, but if it was altered to fit a size 8, buyers need to know. Warn potential buyers of any damage to the dress such as stains, tears or runs. Be honest and you won’t waste your time or a potential buyer’s time.

    Bonus Tip: If your dress has a corset back, be sure to mention this. Corset backs are typically much more forgiving and will fit a wider variety of sizes.

  6. Tip #5: Get it CleanedIt’s important to clean your dress right away. A clean dress communicates to the buyer that you have cared for and loved your dress, and presents better to potential buyers.

    Need it cleaned? Click here to find a certified Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning Specialist near you and print your $35 OFF coupon.

  7. Tip #6: Be Prepared to Sell!Once your dress is posted with great pictures and all the details, make sure that both you and your home are ready to show the dress to potential buyers.

    3 easy steps to prepare for the sale:


    • Make time to meet buyers. Try to be available on evenings and weekends if possible.
    • Create a place for buyers to try on the dress, preferably a private space with a full length mirror.
    • Be ready to negotiate the price and know your limits so you can make decisions on the spot.

    SmartBride Boutique is a free local classifieds site connecting brides past and present to buy, sell and save on new, discounted and used wedding dresses, jewelry , décor and more.

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