MAY 06

Let’s Wrap This Up!

By Melissa

{An image from this past Wednesday’s real wedding - photo: Splash Photography}

FRIDAY. YES! The weather has been absolutely amazing here and I’m so excited for summer. It’s been extremely busy over on my end, I’m eagerly awaiting the new site design launch and building a house is honestly, a full-time job. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted for the look of my house, but now I’m questioning it all because my tastes seem to change with my moods.

I missed last Friday’s wrap-up because of the royal wedding (woot woot!), so this one will be a bit longer than the rest.


Lovelies you might have missed this week…

Fresh wedding in Winnipeg. Love.
Calgary Stampede Engagement Session
Wedding songs you should listen to
A beautiful venue and a lovely wedding
The Royal Wedding…gown of course!
Kate Middleton’s second wedding
Love, music & scrabble
A black swan inspired photo shoot - don’t miss!
A personal update - my future home
A chic modern DIY wedding in Hamilton
You’ll love this colour combination: navy blue, coral and a hint of yellow


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