Ladies, Twobirds Bridesmaid has come to Canada! I’ve had a love for their bridesmaid dresses when they released in the states and now Twobirds has announced that they’ve opened a Toronto boutique.

Inspired by a 1970’s Norma Kamali ‘Infinity’ dress, Goldman’s innovative twobirds dress is the ultimate fashion statement. Made from a luxurious feeling silk jersey blend, the dress is infinitely versatile — flattering ALL shapes and sizes, classically stylish and meant to be worn over and over again well after the wedding, effectively killing two birds with one dress! The brilliance of the design lies within the ingenious bodice straps that can be tied, twisted, knotted and folded to create a range of necklines from grecian to strapless to capped sleeves. Bridesmaids can wrap it in any of 15 ways, flattering their own figures and individual tastes.

Can we also say amen to the fact that there’s no need for alterations? Two sizes and four lengths are available.

Visits to the Queen West boutique (927 Queen Street West in Toronto) are by appointment only. Call 647-352-2473 to schedule for a visit. And for those of you across Canada and can’t make it to Toronto, the dresses are available online

Here’s a look at their first Canadian shop.

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Why do we have to call a long-distance number for a local appointment? I really hope that is a typo.

Sarah on January 20, 2011

@sarah - odd! that’s the number was provided, but I’ve sent them a note to check and see if they have a local number.

melissa on January 20, 2011

They’ve provided me with the Toronto number:


melissa on January 20, 2011

These dresses are beautiful! I love the colours available too! Any idea of how much they cost?

Lindsay on January 20, 2011

@lindsay - I believe they are from $270-320 CAN from what I found on their site.

melissa on January 21, 2011

For those who are interested, they are having a trunk show at the Matrix Hotel (Edmonton) the first weekend in March!

Shevaun on January 23, 2011

647 is a local area code.

Sarah on May 09, 2011

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