JAN 04

Love it or hate it?

By Melissa

It’s fun to shake things up a bit and have a little fun. I recently stumbled on this celebrity wedding and wondered what you thought about the dresses. Love it or hate it?

{images: zimbio}

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I’m kind of torn! I’m not a huge fan of the bridesmaid dresses. Even though it’s not something I would ever wear, the bride’s gown somehow works!

Cara on January 05, 2011

The bridesmaids dress, while pretty, could stand alone as wedding dresses (in my opinion). I’d be concerned that it take the attention away from the bride a little bit.

Christina on January 05, 2011

I think the bride’s dress is stunning. It would be more spectacular if the groom had bothered to get equally well dressed. The overall look is diminished because he is wearing a regular suit. The look is lopsided.

Alan Viau on January 05, 2011

I don’t like the wedding gown; I love the beading but the ruffles look raw and unfinished. I LOVE the bridesmaid’s gowns. I might have changed the bottom of the bridesmaid’s gowns but I can live with how they look because the fabric, draping and bling is absolutely stunning!

Corrine O'Neill on January 05, 2011

FYI - the couple are aussie celebrities. A footballer (Chris Judd) and his equally beautiful (and very smart) counterpart (Rebecca Twigley). Personally I love the dress, but apparently she wore 2 others through the night. Word is that the dress weighed some ridiculous amount…as in over 20kg because of all the beading and layers of material!

Aussie girl on March 06, 2011

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I’m completely shocked by the responses…
Without a doubt, these J’Aton Couture gowns are stunning and impeccable

Alison of Wedsavvy on April 13, 2011

LOVE! The Bride’s dress is absolutely stunning - in a unique way… definitely not a dress I’ve seen over and over again. As for the bridesmaids’ dresses… I think they are breathtaking. I love that each one is different, probably catered to their own body type and personality. I love that the bride was willing to let them each look amazing and not worry that they would steal her thunder!
The hair down was definitely the way to go for these ladies - softens up the overall look.

Sandy on April 24, 2012

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