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Beach Inspired Photoshoot

By Melissa

I’m so thrilled to have Rebecca from High Culture: Wedding & Special Events Inc. as a guest blogger to share her recent photoshoot experience in collaboration with some of Edmonton’s best vendors. First off, I must say, the set is oh-so creative, and secondly, it’s seriously got the coolest wedding cake ever. Here’s what Rebecca had to say about the photoshoot:

- - -

Last Spring, I decided to play matchmaker for the first time and to my delight, simply a year later, while on a beach in Mexico, two of my wonderful friends became engaged. In the midst of planning their beach wedding as well as mulling over the final days of Summer, I came to think that as Fall and Winter approach, many couples dream of a warm and bright sunny wedding day; therefore, destination weddings are often considered. It is important to realize that not all destination weddings are on a beach; however, here, as we face the bitter cold of Winter, ‘destination’ is most often associated with a sandy beach.

From here, I was inspired by a piece of decorative glassware that I have which was created with recycled blue and green glass. The colouring and texture of the glass brought me to the majestic waters of the sea. The colour selection for this stylized shoot and lack of seashells and palm leaves did not bring about a typical beach theme. Instead, I chose to play with the concept of texture, glass, and other beach inspired debris.

I have the honour and the pleasure of working with so many fabulous people in the wedding industry. This was the first stylized shoot of this nature that I have developed and I am truly impressed with the results. I was utterly thrilled and absolutely in awe of the efforts of my colleagues.

Below are some absolutely fabulous photos - as you peruse, I hope you are filled with warmth.

Jenelle of Pinkpolka Wedding Design is so passionate about creating a signature wedding design through elegant and beautiful coordinating stationery. I love floral design and in keeping with the colour selection and beach inspiration, I asked Jenelle to create a design with unrestricted strokes of watercolour in a floral inspired pattern. As soon as I saw the design, I fell in love - it was perfect! In order to create a cohesive look through the stationery, this design was replicated in every detail.

I cannot say enough about Erik of Erik Hornung Photography. He is an incredibly talented photographer and to watch him shoot was more than interesting. Erik is exceptionally conscious to every detail - he captured our designs so perfectly!

One of the first things that couples tend to think about when considering the element of décor are the linens. Katherine and her extraordinary team at Elegant Touches are an absolute pleasure to work with. They had perfect satin and organza linens to suit our colour selection. We even created a water-like backdrop through the use of organza overlays - I love the texture and depth!

Décor isn’t complete without florals (or, at least that’s what I think!). I didn’t want the florals to be overwhelming and large nor did I want them to be constrained and symmetrical. Instead, I opted for a freer look and wanted various plants arranged loosely in different vases. I gave Kristi at Off Whyte Floral Studio this concept and as always, she impressed!

I am a huge admirer of the work of Amy Atlas who creates gorgeous sweetscapes. After becoming inspired by Amy’s work, I wanted to convey through a series of stylized shoots that the element of décor should be cohesive throughout the entire wedding. Not only should your wedding or event style be shown within your reception tables but also throughout the entire space to create an unforgettable atmosphere!

We went one step further and asked brilliant cake designers Gloria & Guenter of The Art of Cake to take the design from the stationery and replicate it in the design of the cake. In fashion with Amy Atlas, it was only suiting to create a full sweetscape of other delicious desserts. The Art of Cake also went beyond my expectations and created an elegant and fun look throughout the sweets and even came up with interesting beach inspired names!

- - -

Feel inspired? Be sure to check out Rebecca’s blog for even more inspiration. Oh and expect to see more from her in the near future as I know she has a lot of other projects in the works!

{Set design & coordination: High Culture: Wedding & Special Events Inc. | Photography: Erik Hornung Photography | Linens: Elegant Touches | Stationary: Pinkpolka Wedding Design | Cake & Sweets: The Art of Cake | Florals: Off Whyte Floral Studio }

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that cake is amazing!

lana on October 19, 2010

Nice work! Beautiful photos too!

Jill on October 19, 2010

Wow this turned out spectacular. Everything looks amazing. I’m just sorry people can’t taste the treats. They were delicious. Congrat’s Rebecca and cant wait for more.

Adam on October 19, 2010


Irene L on October 19, 2010

Nice job Rebecca! Everything looks beautiful.

Alice on October 19, 2010

Great work Rebecca! You’re super talented!

Isabelle on October 20, 2010

Beautiful! If I only had an ounce of your creativity…

Ang on October 20, 2010

Wow!!! It takes my breath away. Well done…….you should be so proud! Congratulations.

Heidi on October 20, 2010

Rebecca, you are totally awesome. You just get better and better.
I will definitely be sending more referrals your way. Cheers

Gail on October 20, 2010

Very creative - great work. It is so inspiring!

Jackie on October 20, 2010

Wow! What a delectable looking dessert table! Everything looks so delicious!! The wedding cake is very unique…I love it!

Alexis on October 21, 2010

water colors!! so beautifully done. love it.

Jay Studio Photography on October 21, 2010

Rebecca is a very passionate individual with much to offer in the scene of weddings, her attention to detal and simple love of love are just small qualities that make her such an excellent planner!!

Amanda on October 22, 2010

Rebecca, I knew you would be successful in whatever you did. Congrats!

Janice on October 29, 2010


terri on November 15, 2010

Great job Rebecca, everything looks fantastic! Congratulations

Rosie on November 15, 2010

Love the cake & the flowers! Awesome details :)

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