Let’s change things up and head south for a destination wedding shared by the sweet Leslie Brown Photography. Where? I’m pretty sure you can guess from the top image that it was shot in one of my favorite vacation spots, VEGAS! Raeleen & Jeremy’s sunset ceremony and reception was held at The Grove. They opted to have a ‘first look’ session which is increasingly more common nowadays. Here’s what the bride had to say about her choice to see her groom before the ceremony…

Jeremy & I decided to have an evening wedding ceremony followed by the reception. With no time in between the ceremony & reception for photos, Leslie suggested a ‘First Look’ session. I was intrigued and immediately searched online for what these sessions were all about. I got chills just looking at some of the photos and knew that this was what I wanted to do.

When the day came, I wasn’t nervous at all… until I was hidden around the corner from my soon-to-be husband. Once Jeremy was placed facing away from me, I started the walk towards him and a wave of emotions came over me. I couldn’t believe this day was finally here and I would be marrying the man of my dreams and my best friend. I tapped him on the arm, he turned and looked at me with a look that made me feel like the most beautiful girl on earth. Even though we were surrounded by people, I felt as though we were the only two people there. At that moment, I felt the closest with Jeremy that I’ve ever felt before.

To all soon-to-be brides out there, you should definitely consider having this type of photo session before your ceremony. It allows for you & your groom to connect emotionally and savor the moment before getting caught up in the rest of the day’s events. It is such an intimate moment that I promise you will never forget.

The first look…

The ceremony at sunset.

Leslie actually shoots in Northern Alberta (specifically Fort McMurray), but it goes to show how easy it is to book your photographer and take them along for the trip! Congrats Raeleen & Jeremy.

{images: Leslie Brown Photography}

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Wow, this is so surreal. Lovin’ the dress blowing in the wind. The last picture among the red mountains are just gorgeous. Makes you feel at one with nature…makes you feel philosophical, nostalgic, etc etc…

Fen/Bead Flora and Jewels

Fen Li (Bead Flora and Jewels) on September 09, 2010

Lovely…..wow amazing Bodaplanet old me about this kind of wedding but, i thought not a good idea but, after seeing these pictures i’ll go for this kind of wedding and photography.Thanks for giving me such a good idea from your post.

Juan Pablo on September 13, 2010

Wow great photos..I love Red Rock in Vegas..my daughter was married there old west style..costumes and all.

Maryann on January 07, 2011

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