I’m heading to Seattle in September and I told my husband there’s 2 things I MUST see. (1) The first Starbucks ever to order my favorite caramel macchiato and (2) Visit J. Crew. I know he thinks I’m delusional, but really, I LOVE J. Crew. It’s horrible that we don’t have one in Alberta although I’ve been hearing rumblings that they’re considering opening a few in Canada. They have the girliest, yet modern jewelry, gowns, bridesmaid dresses and hot shoes. Yes, I am obsessed! Here’s a look at some of their pieces from the 2010 lookbook, along with their first ever bridal boutique in New York City.

The rooms were inspired by 1930s Parisian Art Deco. Why can’t all bridal boutiques look like this? Pretty.

{images: J. Crew}

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