I always say that I have the best readers in the world! I met Gilkana, who lives in Bolivia, through Wedding Obsession when it first started and she’s kept in touch with me ever since she’s been planning her wedding. She surprised me again with some scans from the newest Vanidades issue, a wedding magazine in Argentina. It’s always such a kick to see what’s going on internationally in the world of weddings. It’s got some makeup ideas for the natural, classic or romantic bride, along with a look at some gorgeous gowns. Thanks Gilkana!

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Many brides choose to have their wedding ceremony and even the wedding reception on the beach. A romantic destination, weddingdressforsale.org can be a great idea for the perfect wedding, a casual yet elegant wedding on the beach. So it’s not unusual for a couple to fly out to a tropical island paradise and recite their vows among the sand and surf with a stunning beach sunset as the background. So if you’ve consider weddingdressforsale.org having your wedding on the beach, you’ll also have to consider weddingdressforsale.org a beach wedding dress as your wedding dress.
Beach wedding dresses are considered less formal that the traditional ones, with full formal skirts and poufy headpieces. If you’re choosing a weddingdressforsale.org , it doesn’t mean that you won’t look classy or elegant. But you should be careful when you’re choosing the design so you can avoid being over the top.

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gilkana on July 30, 2010

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