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As any smart bride knows, there are hundreds of thousands of wedding dresses out there, so having a good grasp on what styles and shapes work for you is going to make your shopping experience much more enjoyable. On average brides try on more than 5 dresses before finding “the one”. I actually tried on 7! With this in mind, here are some questions to ask yourself to help your search your dream dress goes as smoothly as possible:

Are your Shoulders wider than your Hips?
If so you are a V type body. You should look for dresses with:

  • V Necks (they’ll look fantastic on you).
  • Halter tops or sleeveless bodices
  • A Line skirts

This dress by Jacquelin Bridal is a perfect fit for a V shape, since it balances out the dominant upper body with the A line skirt creating the perfect hourglass figure:

Are your Shoulders and Hips the same size with definition in your waist?
If so you are an X body type. You should look for dresses with:

  • V necklines and wrap skirts since they are the perfect complement to your x shaped body.
  • Defined waists

Your hourglass figure is a dream to dress! Just remember to be careful when adding detail since your body is so balanced. Drawing attention to the lower or upper body can throw that balance off. This Je T’aime gown from the UK is a fantastic way to emphasize your waist:

Are your Hips larger than your Shoulders?
If so, you are an A body shape. You should look for dresses with:

  • Detail on top.
  • Strapless necklines (so fabulous!)
  • A line skirts (they’re going to be your best friend).

If you are looking to show off your curves, try a mermaid shaped dress. Looking to camouflage? Try an A lines wedding dress. Want the best of both worlds? This La Sposa gown allows you to hug the curves of your body, but also uses dominance elsewhere, to divert the eye away from the feature . Plus who doesn’t love a little Spanish flair?

Are your Hips, Waist and Shoulders the same width?
If so you are an H body type. You should look for dresses with:

  • NO detail at waist (unless it is on a diagonal or directly underneath the bust) but with more detail on top.
  • Mermaid, A Line or Sheath silhouettes because they all work to visually define the waist.

I generally recommend bypassing the waist totally for H shapes; however, empire waists are a great way to create the illusion of a waist while also producing the illusion of never ending legs. This Alita Graham gown from Kleinfelds, is a perfect example of a gorgeous gown that drapes in all the right places.

Is your Waist larger than your Hips and Shoulders?
If so, you are an O body type. You should look for dresses with:

  • Fluidity
  • Undefined waists and a flat front.
  • Detail on the top, however minimal detail overall.

Empire waists are not just good for the O shape. If you are an O body shape and are trying to define the waist, find the smallest part to draw attention to. This goddess gown by Alfred Sung dress below is a great example of how to camouflage a tummy without sacrificing shape.

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Great tips. It definitely helps knowing the type of dresses that work with your body shape. Saves time on trying on all the wrong dresses.

Claire on June 04, 2010

wedding dress are so beautiful .. and too cost

Logo london on June 05, 2010

[…] Wedding Obsession » Blog Archive » Advice: Choosing Dress by Body Shape [Guest Post] […]

6 Week Body Makeover | Fitness Deconstructed on June 06, 2010

I think the second picture is perfect for me…Thanks for the tips!

New England Wedding on June 10, 2010

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