Here’s some really helpful tips on how to make the best of your wedding photos courtesy Judy Weiser. Judy is a renowned psychologist and world authority on Photo Therapy is working with Kodak to help people better understand the impact images can have on making people feel more connected to friends and family. Your wedding day will be one of your most memorable and photographed days in your life and to help you capture your entire wedding experience from the bridal shower to the honeymoon Kodak is giving away one Easyshare 10 MP Digital Camera (Z1015) valued at $280Learn how to enter after reading the helpful tips below.

Capture The Small Stuff: Some of the most beautiful and tender moments happen “behind the scenes”. Whether it’s a small kiss shared between the bride and her father, or a candid spontaneous moment between groomsmen, (or guests!), these small moments tell a bigger story about the entire journey of this couple — and one that friends and family will later likely enjoy sharing (perhaps even more than the formal ones).

Mix It Up: Silly photos are making a comeback. Your big day can be stressful, so mixing in playful photos (even posed ones!) with formal photos can be a great way not only to keep the mood relaxed but also capture the “bigger picture” of the event. Make 10 the magic number: send love ones a mini wedding album afterwards with 5 of your funniest photos mixed in with 5 of your more formal ones. Your family and friends will appreciate the variety — and so will you!

Consider Your Audience: Guests like to remember that they were part of your big day too! Send them a heartfelt memento that captures their experience of the wedding. A candid photo of you with your guest is a perfect way to thank them for being part of your special day. And you can even put a small photo of the bride and groom into a tiny picture frame and attach it with a ribbon to the guest seat-assignment cards at the formal dinner — or a bowlful of these for people to take one from, as they sign the Guestbook.

Make The Photographer Your New BFF: Find a match made in heaven. Remember that the photographer is the storyteller who will render the permanent version of your special day forever, so it’s very important that she or he sees your “wedding story” the same way you both do! Form a relationship with your shutterbug: let them get a sense of your full range of being a couple, and the personality of your wedding party — in advance. If your photographer has a good sense of who you are (and have been, and hope to be in the future), then they can better capture the thoughts, feelings and emotions of your big day — and not accidentally overlook people or moments important to you to be captured.

Until Death Do You Part: Call the shots! Remember these pictures will be with you (and your kids and grandkids) forever. Think about the photos you’d all like to keep looking at for many more dozen years. Will there be a photo that you later wish had been taken? Make sure you don’t miss any of those that day: give your photographer your “expectation list”, based on photos from weddings you’ve seen before (including those you don’t want your photographer to attempt!). Keeping this preferences a secret will lead to disappointments, so tell the photographer what your “photo-results shopping list” contains, and then they can always add other ones as the day unfurls, as long as your “direct assignment” has been met.

Express Yourself: Let your personality shine through! The pictures that are usually most treasured those which are truly unique rather than the “generic” predictable ones. The best photos reflect who you are and capture the sentiments of your special day, YOUR way — and YOU can do a lot to make this happen as YOU want.

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To enter for your chance to win the Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera, leave a comment for this post. The contest is open to only residents of the United States and ends July 24th. Good luck!

Contest Ended - Congratulations Tina!

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I totally love the comment about making your photographer your BFF it is so true!!! I happend to love my wedding photographer and it totally helped the day of the wedding to make us feel comfortable in front of the camera!

Kerry on July 15, 2009

I love this!! Great article and tips.

Tina on July 16, 2009

I think the tip about considering your audience is so important. It sucks being sent a link to view wedding photos and of the shots of the guests there’s no pictures of 90% of the people who showed up to support the Bride and Groom. Your guests want pictures of the wedding too!

Rachel on July 16, 2009

My sister just got married and was deeply disappointed in her wedding photos. She didn’t follow the tip about calling the shots. I think it’s really important to speak up about what you want. If you don’t like to sit back to back with your husband to take a photo, then don’t.

I would also say that it’s great to have a few other friends around with great cameras that you’ve spoken to about getting photos. So often we just assume that our friends will give us pics… but they don’t always.

Elizabeth on July 16, 2009

The photographer is one area my fiance and I felt very strongly about. We took the time to do our research, meet with a lot of people and and ultimately we found Stacey…she is awesome and we are sooo excited to have her take the pics for our May 2010 wedding. As it turns out my younger sister is getting married eight weeks after us and they are using Stacey too!!
Considering what my pictures look like in “real life” I am thrilled to have a professional with us on our big day. I know having a camera, like the Kodak camera featured above, would go a long way in helping me capture the rest of life’s big moments with style and grace :)

Anne Sanner on July 16, 2009

I just recently got engaged, and I already have my photographer picked out. He’s someone I have worked with in animal welfare, and he actually volunteers his time to take photos at our fundraisers and events. His love of capturing moments — whether it’s of people or pets — made me sure he would capture the most special moments of our wedding. My fiance and I both love photography, too, so it’s really important to us.

Alison Z. on July 19, 2009

I am getting married in a few months and me and my fiance have had our share of hard times. When we first got togather many people judged us because of the interracial differance, and our friends said that we wasn’t meant for each other. After being togather for a year he popped the qustion and I was so happy. Now we are getting married and I can not wait to say “I Do”. I love photography and I can not wait to take candids of our engagement party. We will be tying the knot in a year and a half. I am actaully planning the wedding myself, making the cake, doing the decorations and even making the bouquets for me and my bridemaids. I am so excited! My soon to be hubsand thinks I am completley crazy for wanting to do all of these DIY’s projects but he knows how much we both want this day to be magical. -Valerie

Valerie Mitchem on July 21, 2009

I say plan ahead most of your shots. You’d be surprised how many photographers forget to take photos of the bride with her parents or cutting the cake. If a photo is important to you, make sure to tell the photographer that you want it done.

Dana on July 23, 2009

I love making your photographer your best friend, the funny part about that for me is my photographers are my sister and my good friend from college. And believe me its very helpful. :)

Dusty Boettger on August 02, 2009

I’m newly engaged, open-mided, and totally overwhelmed by all the new expectations my new phase in life has brought about. If the wedding is going to be the big event it’s turning out to be, you bet your socks off I’ll want to be able to look back at it time and time again. I hope that if I stick to a look that will never become too dated, and the site is picturesque, my photos will be the best & most important investment I can commit to. From what I hear, the wedding day goes by like a blur; we’ll have to count on our photographer to bring all those special moments back to us! We are working with our photographer for our engagement shoot, hoping the ‘practice run’ will help us pose more naturally the day of!
-Nathalie in Vancouver BC.

Nathalie on August 03, 2009

[...] Congratulations Tina for winning the Kodak Camera giveaway! [...]

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