MAR 22

DIY Flower Barrettes

By Melissa

I subscribe to the ‘craft of the day’ section of martha stewart and though I’d share the do-it-yourself crepe-paper flower barrettes with you. I think they would be cute accessories for your bridesmaids or flower girls.

Check out the site for a video which will help you visualize the process!

What you will need:

Double-sided crepe paper
Petal-and-leaf template
28-gauge wire
Bamboo skewer
Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks
Smooth-Cast 327
Piece of Styrofoam
Krylon clear matte finish spray
Small scrap of green felt
Barrette or pin backing


1. Cut three 6 1/2-by-2 1/2-inch rectangles from double-sided crepe paper.

2. Print template. Cut out the rectangle containing the petal shapes and stack on top of the three crepe-paper rectangles. Staple in place.

3. Cut out petals. You will end up with 3 teardrop-shaped petals and 9 heart-shaped petals.

4. To shape petals, cup in center; wrap left and right top edges around a toothpick to curl.

5. Build the flower by first placing teardrop petals, then heart petals around each other, holding the bottoms.

6. Fasten petals by wrapping wire around the base. Wrap the wire around a bamboo skewer; secure with hot glue.

7. Mix Smooth-Cast 327 according to manufacturer’s directions. Dip the flower into the mix and shake off excess. Insert bamboo skewer into Styrofoam while the flower hardens. Repeat for a second coat.

8. Use pruners to snip off skewer “stem.”

9. Spray both sides of the flower with Krylon clear matte finish spray. Allow to dry.

10. Cut leaf shape from template and trace onto green felt. Cut leaf shape from green felt. Secure a pin or barrette to the back of the flower and cover by gluing the green felt leaf over it with hot glue.

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