I like the look of it!! She looks stunning. Click below to enlarge and see the rest of the photos.

From Ok! Magazine Australia. Courtesy Ashlee-Star.com

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Are there any more pictures?….like of the bridesmaids and flowers?

Jennifer on August 07, 2008

Jennifer: After your request, I’ve put up the first two scans of the PEOPLE article that show the bridesmaid dresses (black, long gowns) & bouquets (red roses). Thanks for asking about them, I had forgotten to post them :)

admin on August 07, 2008

[...] wedding color when incoporated with white and is slowly becoming a very popular theme. In fact, Ashlee Simpson carried a bouquet and had centerpieces made of black roses. Well, mini calla lillies also come in a [...]

Wedding Obsession on August 07, 2008

[...] I did though come across pics of Ashlee Simpson at her wedding…look at her straight hair! Wedding Obsession __________________ [...]

Straight Hair Problems - Page 2 on September 05, 2008

I love Ashlee’s flowers…is there a spacial name for the roses she used…they are so much darker then regular roses. if you know that would be awesome.

angela on September 09, 2008

I believe she’s carrying “Black Magic” roses. And something else that I don’t know, but if you ask your local nursery they should be able to suggest some similar plants to you.

shelley on September 17, 2008

Shelley is right about them being black magic roses. I actually answered angela’s question in a post recently - just forgot to post it here in the comments section.


admin on September 17, 2008

do you know where i can find some pictures of the couple kissing at their wedding? They are sooooo cute!

TT on October 13, 2008

[...] The colors of the wedding reminds me a lot of Ashlee Simpson’s wedding which you can see here. [...]

Wedding Obsession | Celebrity Weddings on December 29, 2008

[...] Ashlee Simpson Photo credit [...]

Best Celebrity Wedding Gowns of 2008 | Wedding Gowns, Bridal Gowns, and More on January 06, 2009

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