APR 12

And the Bride Wore Botox…

By Melissa

Here’s an interesting article about how women take extreme measures to prepare for their wedding.

‘Things I did in preparation for my wedding included running, starving myself, having Eve Lom facials, a fake tan, my hair cut and dyed - I still have no idea why I dyed it - a manicure, a pedicure and my hair done,” says Charlotte MacInnes, recalling her wedding three years ago. All of which might sound ridiculously excessive, but when it comes to your average wedding preparation is actually pretty modest.

A survey last year coined the phrase “Competitive Wedding Syndrome” after 60% of respondents said they wanted guests to think their wedding was “the best they had ever been to”.

How far will you go?

I don’t see any harm in getting a light tan, teeth whitening, manicure, pedicure..!!


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