Gold, white gold, platinum, palladium - just how do you decide what type of wedding band ?

There are many inherent benefits to each type of metal, whether it be longevity, strength, brilliance, or rarity. Some need their bands to be hypoallergenic, and some just want something that’s not too expensive.

novelldesignstudio has a great guide on how to choose your metal.

Here’s a couple snippets from it (along with info I gathered from personal experience):

Price: White gold or yellow gold are your best options if you don’t want to spend too much on your wedding bands. If you want something that holds up to wear and lasts for a long time, yet platinum is too pricey, consider palladium.

Hypoallergenic: Choose palladium or platinum

Longevity: Platinum is the most durable of the bunch, as it can withstand wear and tear. Or consider palladium as it is scratch-resistant. Scratches will be noticeable in white gold & gold.

Weight: Platinum is the heaviest because it has a high density compared to gold/white gold. If you want something that is similar, but lighter - consider palladium.


Platinum: $$$$ Durable, eternally white, hypoallergenic, heavy, & rare.
Palladium: $$$, silvery white color that lasts, durable, lighter than platinum, & hypoallergenic.
White Gold: $$, white color (may lose whiteness over time), light weight, & prone to scratches.
Yellow Gold: $$, yellow color, light weight, prone to scratches & light.

For myself, I think I will either go with palladium or platinum. I currently have a white gold ring and the scratches are really noticeable!

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