My Ring Shot

MAR 25

I was lucky enough to be part of ENV Photography‘s ring shot marathon this past weekend and got a sneak peak of one of the photographs. I’ll post the others when I get them. I love love love all her ring shots – do check out her ring portfolio. Thanks Elizabeth!read more

Disegno: Custom Jewelry Designer

MAR 23

{Mountain Crest} Looking for jewelry that is one-of-a-kind? I’m excited to share with you a Canadian designer who specializes in custom 18K designed jewelry. Pamela over at Disegno Fine Jewellery works with her clients who are often looking for unique engagement rings and wedding bands that best match their style. {Lashed Ring w/ Diamond} Her […]read more

Melting Ring Set

Melting Ring Set

JAN 13

I really should start a “Unique Ring of the Week” feature because I am finding the most unusual designs out there. Made in Paris, this set is a combination of white gold, yellow gold and diamonds, where the engagement ring melts into the wedding band. {via}read more

Alex & Chloe "Holding You Forever" Rings

JAN 08

I am a bigggggggg fan of Revolve Clothing..namely because they have the newest and trendiest items for my closet and they have free shipping to Canada. So naturally, when I saw wedding rings available, I got a big excited. Created exclusively for Revolve, these wedding bands are ones you will have never seen before. Inverted […]read more

Bye Bye Pillows – Say Hi to the Ring Bowl

JAN 04

I’ve been so used to seeing wedding rings tied to ring pillows, I was pretty sure I’d be doing the same for my upcoming wedding. However, I came across palomasnest and they came up with a neat, new idea – a ring bowl. These are ceramic hand-crafted bowls of white clay, pierced with two holes […]read more

Statement Cocktail Rings

Statement Cocktail Rings

OCT 29

Came across these glamorous cocktail rings at J. Crew and had to share them with you. These cocktail rings show that bigger is better and floral designs are definately making a statement. I think it’s nice to add a little flair to a wedding ensemble that tends to be monochromatic white. It’s also a nice […]read more

Beyonce's 18 Carat Stunner

Beyonce’s 18 Carat Stunner

OCT 05

When all the commotion died down regarding the wedding of Beyonce and Jay-Z, there was question about the non-existing rings on the couple’s fingers. Well, here’s a look at Beyonce’s $5 million dollar 18 carat diamond. Undoubtedly, the ring fits the pop star diva, and is equally representative of Jay-Z’s deep pockets, who reportedly earned […]read more

"I Do" in Binary

SEP 14

As you know, I like to reveal my geek tendencies once in a while by posting neat finds that bring out the geek in me when it comes to wedding details. And indeed I found something that will satisfy all those computer nerds who understand the language of binary. The rings are encoded with 5 […]read more

I'm Engaged!

I’m Engaged!

AUG 08

eeeeeeeek! So I have to post this because…well…I do run a wedding blog website and it just so happens to be 8-8-8 :)read more

Unique Engagement Rings

JUL 22

Only a special girl would appreciate these engagement rings. Would you say yes? and the best for last…. one | two | threeread more

Ellen goes big for Portia de Rossi's Engagement Ring

JUN 22

Ellen gives Portia a stunning Neil Lane pink diamond engagement more

"I Do" Atop the Sydney Harbor Bridge

"I Do" Atop the Sydney Harbor Bridge

JUN 15

A Glasgow, Scottland couple were the first to marry on top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge on a rainy Tuesday. The couple, both wearing watersuits, climbed 134 meters (440 feet) above the harbor for their nuptuals. “I always wanted somewhere unusual to get married and this was the first place, somewhere I’ve always wanted to […]read more

What a Ring!

APR 17

Check out Ashlee Simpson’s engagement ring. Blinding I tell ya! It isn’t the ring we saw on her ring finger a couple days back, so it looks like she went for an upgrade! Fadedyouthread more

Cat5 Wedding Ring for you Geeks!

Cat5 Wedding Ring for you Geeks!

APR 14

Ok you geeks &’s a wedding ring just for you. The ring comes in 4 opaque colors – turquoise, white, orange or black. click here to purchase. I am sooooo getting the black one as a joke to play on my friends when I’m more

How to Choose the Right Wedding Band

How to Choose the Right Wedding Band

APR 08

Gold, white gold, platinum, palladium – just how do you decide what type of wedding band ? There are many inherent benefits to each type of metal, whether it be longevity, strength, brilliance, or rarity. Some need their bands to be hypoallergenic, and some just want something that’s not too expensive. novelldesignstudio has a great […]read more

Lucky Jamie - Kate buys herself $190,000 ring

Lucky Jamie – Kate buys herself $190,000 ring

APR 07

Word on the street is that supermodel Kate Moss bought herself a $190,000 engagement ring. Moss and her boyfriend Jamie Hince (“The Kills” guitarist) have been dating since August of last year and are said to be planning a wedding this summer. It was reported last week that Kate accepted The Kills guitarist’s marriage proposal after […]read more

Engagment Ring Flies Away

MAR 14

hahaha this is hilarious. Poor guy, but seriously, what a dumb idea! $12,000!!! I don’t know what’s worse, the idea or his girlfriend being completely unreasonable! LONDON, March 14 (Reuters) – Unlucky London suitor Lefkos Hajji watched a small fortune and plans to ask for his beloved’s hand in marriage vanish into thin air. The […]read more

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