An utterly lovely engagement session greets you this Friday morning held in a gorgeous field of lavender in Ontario at the Bonnieheath Lavender Farm. Captured by Lisa Mark Photography, Warren & Cynthia are avid Monopoly board game lovers as you’ll read below. Not only was it incorporated in their proposal, but they’ll also be having a Monopoly inspired wedding with each table named after a Monopology street and name cards designed to look like Monopoly property cards (love it!). Enjoy…

How did you two meet?

Cynthia and I met through common friends, and bonded almost immediately. We share the same love for food, travel and classical music, along with many other things.

Tell us about the proposal.

Cynthia loves playing monopoly. Ever since she was a kid, she would always ask her siblings, parents or friends to play. It really lights up her face every time we play the game. I thought this would be unique if I could incorporate the game into the engagement somehow. I racked my brain and came up with an idea that took about a month or so to put together.

I made a custom monopoly board called Cynthopoly, replacing all the streets with places that we’ve been to on our dates, as well as favorite things she likes – like malls for shopping. I also replaced the chance and community chess cards to tailor them to something that related to us. For instance, “Cynthia wins 1st place in a beauty contest. Collect prize and money”.

So on the day of, I enlisted her sister to help me stash the items at her house while I took Cynthia out for a nice lunch – far away – to give her sister time to hide things. Once we finished lunch and came back to the house, I asked if she wanted to have a quick game of monopoly – just the two of us. Her face instantly lit up, and I went to grab the board. She had a shocked look when the board came out, and went quiet. A big smile lit up her face from ear to ear, and we began to play. As we played, we would randomly land on chance and community chess, and depending on the card, I would bring up flowers, chocolates or other gifts, depending on what the card said. Eventually, the chance card would tell us to move the pieces to each of our properties (we both had properties named after us – replacing Park Place and Boardwalk), and that’s when the card said to close her eyes. I went down on one knee and proposed to her then.

Lucky me, she said YES! (Phew =))

Photographer: Lisa Mark Photography
Location: Bonnieheath Estate Lavender and Winery
Makeup and Hair: Maggie Ng

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So Sweet

Irene L. on August 30, 2013

Wow! Very pretty!

mshomecmoing on September 04, 2013

Thank you for featuring our engagement shoot with Cynthia & Warren on your beautiful blog! Cheers, Lisa Mark

Lisa Mark Photography on September 05, 2013

These photos are gorgeous.

Linda on June 09, 2014

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