Nathan & Sarah met eleven years ago while in Bible college in Alberta. After losing touch after that time, they ran into each other on Whyte Ave, followed by a long-distance relationship between London & Halifax where both were in school. You can tell a lot of love was put into this wedding, as seen by the many charming DIY details.

Says the photographer (Jonathan Kuhn Photography): This wedding was extra special for us as it was Jon’s older sister who was getting married. The bride and the groom had been doing long distance basically right up until the wedding along with finishing up masters degrees, working three jobs, etc. etc. Needless to say there was still a lot of work to be done right up to the wedding day. Fortunately they come from a family with 10 siblings (yup! you read that right!) but we went above and beyond the photography for this wedding including picking up breakfast for the bridal parties, champagne for the couple, setting up tables etc. It was quite an adventure to do everything AND photograph all the details but everyone was super happy with how things turned out.

What was your favourite wedding moment?

It’s hard to pick just one moment! I would have to say my favourite moment from our wedding day was taking photos after the ceremony. We did group shots, and then a few with just Nathan and I, and it was just Jonathan and Katriina with us taking photos. It was great to spend that time with them, and we felt so relaxed being outside and taking whatever kind of photos they thought of. The timing was wonderful, as it started pouring as soon as we went inside for the reception! Aside from that, it was incredibly meaningful to have so many friends and family make the trip and spend the day with us, and to hear how much they enjoyed the day.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding decor?

The inspiration behind my overall wedding decor and colour choices came from some gorgeous scarves I found in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia on one of my visits to see my fiancé in Halifax. I love colour, and decided on the pink scarf for me since I really like reds and pinks, and some other bright colours for the bridesmaids that we could match with the groomsmen’s ties, so we went with a neutral colour for the dresses (ivory) so that the colours could really stand out. I figured for a summer wedding held outdoors, we could get away with lots of colour, and it turned out beautifully.

Any advice for future brides/grooms-to-be?

Advice for any other brides/grooms-to-be: don’t be afraid to delegate. Our bridal party was scattered all over the country and we didn’t want them to have to do much, but the weekend of the wedding, many of them came early and they were indispensable in getting last-minute details taken care of. I’d probably not advise getting married in the middle of the spring semester, like we did, because it did put a strain on the studies, but it ended up working out somehow! I would also advise to decide early on what you are willing to spend more on, and what you are willing to forego or spend less on, because that really helped in being able to prioritize.

Venue: Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre
Wedding dress: Galina, David’s Bridal
Men’s suits & ties: Le Château
Bridesmaid Dresses: Modcloth
Cake: Nathan Russell, Petit Paris Crêperie and Patisserie, London, Ontario
Hair: Heather MacDonald (hairstylist, friend of the bride)
Makeup: Melanie Svedin (makeup artist, friend of the bride)
Jewellery: Nadri, The Bay
Groomsmen’s gifts (the pipes): Walper Tobacco, Kitchener, ON
Bridesmaid’s sashes: Suttles & Seawinds, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
Wedding Planner: Jenna Parker of Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre
Photography: Jonathan Kuhn Photography

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What a beautiful wedding. I lived across the street from Sarah and her nine siblings when they were growing up. Beautiful family; Jonathan Photography did wonderful pictures. The setting was elegant, soft, and simple, just the way I would have pictured it. Congratulations and best wishes to the bride and groom, and to the rest of this great family.

Pat McLaren on September 04, 2013

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