It’s so simple to create a gold (or any color) vintage-ish vase that can hold fresh cut flowers for your tables. I always have mason jars laying around and thought it would be a sweet way to make them more modern by spray painting them in a metallic gold. Aren’t they pretty?

spray painted gold mason jars wedding party

gold spray painted mason jars

My husband Jason spray painted these in the garage when it was quite cold out (probably not the best of ideas!), so there were a couple drip marks near the top. But you won’t notice it once the flowers are in the vase. Alternatively, you can use a ribbon to finish off the top if you want a more polished look. To get this coverage, he did 2 coats, allowing the mason jars to dry for 24 hours in between coats. And because they release fumes, we stuck them in our powder room bathroom with the exhaust on. If it was warmer, we probably would have let them dry outside.

gold spray painted mason jars lowes can

The round paper items under the mason jars are actually coasters that I found at my local Home Sense. I couldn’t resist buying them as they came in a variety of patterns. They really help the arrangements stand out against my dark stained table.

gold pattern coasters

gold spray painted mason jars white hydrangea centerpiece

And after 4 days, they still looked oh-so-pretty. I actually wished for a moment that the hydrangeas were fake so I could enjoy them longer on my coffee table.

4 days later hydrangea centerpieces

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I have these coasters too, Melissa! :)

Evelyn - Evelyn Clark Weddings on May 23, 2013

What type of Gold spray paint did you use for this?

Rachel Rolen on July 01, 2013

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DIY Gold Mason Jars from Wedding Obsession. | Cover Me In Flowers . on October 07, 2013

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