I can’t believe it’s already February! The light in these photos totally convinced me that I had to share this engagement session with you. Captured by Angela Cheung Photography, Jaline and Rahan will be married at a vineyard in Osoyoos, BC later this year with loads of DIY details. The colors? Mint and coral (dusty pink) paired with lace.

Tell us about the proposal:

Rahan and I committed to do more hiking this summer. I had a Friday off work and we decided to take our dogs out to Banff for a hike and stay the night. At first the thought of him proposing that day did not cross my mind because couple days before the hike we had a little argument about my ring size. He kept convincing me that I told him that I was a size 4.5 when I got my finger sized 7 months ago. I kept saying that I was pretty sure that I had told him that I am a size 4. Little did I know that he had already picked out a ring and already had it made. I had to go back to the mall the next day to settle the argument. Sure though, I was right. I was convinced that it was going to take him another 7 months to propose.

When we woke up that Friday, it felt like any other day. Rahan was not acting any different. The morning didn’t feel rushed or planned. We kind of just went with the flow.
Our last stop out of the city was Starbucks. That’s when my sister Janice called Rahan asking if we had arrived in Banff already. I thought for a second “That’s weird why would she care if we were in Banff already?”

Just as quickly as the thought entered my head it exited the moment we started driving off. We got to the base of the gondola. It was a really chilly day. I was wearing a hoodie and I was still cold. I was getting the dogs leashes together and I just saw Rahan standing there with his sweater around his arms. He had packed a backpack that was just sitting on the back seat. I was like “Babe, aren’t you cold?” he said “No”. Then I said “aren’t you going to bring your back pack?” and he said “oh ya”. He went and grabbed his back pack and immediately stuffed his sweater in his pack. We started walking to the gondola and I noticed he had goose bumps all over his arms. Rahan does a lot of things that is it out of the ordinary so again, I didn’t think any thing of this one.

Since it was a Friday afternoon there were no line-ups and we got the Gondola all to ourselves. I was sitting with my back up the mountain and I was taking pictures of the beautiful view with my iPhone. Rahan was looking up towards the mountain and asked if I could turn around and take a picture of his view. I said that it was ugly and that the pictures I was taking was way better. He kept insisting that I get up and take a picture for him so he can Instagram it. I finally agreed and stood up and turned around to take the picture. As I was taking the pictures I kept telling him how horrible the view was.

I turned around and there he was! Proposing!! Not on one knee but he simply said “will you marry me?” I was so shocked. I think I kept saying “ Really? Right now? You are really doing it right now?” I didn’t even know what to say until Rahan said “Babe, you didn’t say yes yet!” so of course I said “Yes!!” “I can finally put my sweater on now, I’m freezing”. Rahan had put the ring box in his sweater pocket but was sticking out so he couldn’t wear it until he proposed.

Best hike ever!

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