I had no idea why everyone was gushing about Etsy years ago. What was the big deal? Isn’t it just people making stuff and putting it up for sale? And then I got engaged and I realized how much awesome stuff there is on Etsy. Everything looked so cute, but I didn’t really picture myself buying any of it. I had always been the kind of online shopper who only buys 3 kinds of things online: books/DVDs through Amazon, or tickets to events. I didn’t even have a PayPal account.

However,  when I fell in love with these wooden cake toppers on David’s Bridal’s website, I was crushed to see these little words next to the photo:  “Not Available for International Shipping.”  Ouch.

So I took my cake-topper hunting to Etsy to look for alternatives. I was surprised to see so many beautifully made items online, and the shipping wasn’t ridiculously priced at all. For some items, they were only a couple of bucks for shipping!

I found the store SuiteJubilee, which sold wooden doll cake toppers for just over $10 a pair. The store owner also said she would customize the hair, the bowtie or neck tie, and the neckline of the bride’s dress. Sold! I ordered and received them within 3 weeks.

I’m generally very happy with them. My bride’s hair line is a little far back for my liking, so I might fill it in with my own paint.

Five perks of buying on Etsy:
1) Better prices (sometimes)
2) Customization
3) Supporting crafty individuals
4) Handmade adorable stuff
5) No crazy unaffordable shipping prices (depending on the store and item)

Have any of you bought items off Etsy for your wedding? Did you have a good experience? Tell me in the comments below!

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I LOVE ETSY! I’ve bought so many items on there and it’s always been a great experience. Nothing for the wedding, but loads of other items just for myself. Did you know you can buy supplies on there too? I attempted to make my own boutonnieres after purchasing some items off etsy..but in the end I should have just paid to have the final product made for me.

melissa on January 21, 2013

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