JAN 17

Introducing hello|inspira

By Melissa

The creative minds behind yesterdays lovely photoshoot just so happen to be new sponsors of Wedding Obsession. Jenn and Kevin of hello|inspira are photographers based out of Toronto (originally Vancouver) and they’re are all about telling a story through beautiful images. They’re also avid travelers, so if you like what you see but you don’t live in Toronto, you should contact them anyways :) Here is a little more about hello|inspira.

If it’s up to us, we won’t call ourselves photographers but visual storytellers. We tell stories through images and specialize in moments. We treasure them and realize that the images of moments are the ones that always get picked by our couples to be their favourites. With keen eyes for details, we will not miss any details that you have worked on. But above all, we work really hard to capture your in between moments and lovely exchanges. Because that’s what matters and are the ones you will keep close to your heart forever. Recently moved from Vancouver, we have a permanent address in Toronto but would love to travel the world for your wedding. We would be honored for you to take a look around our blogsite and send us an email to connect.

By the way, for all you Ontario engaged brides/grooms, hello|inspira is currently hosting an engagement giveaway. To learn more, please visit their giveaway post.

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thanks, melissa! looking forward to reading proposal stories and working with the lucky couple! all the best! :)

jenn on January 17, 2013

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