Jayna & Rey wanted to showcase their personalities by having an urban engagement with their photographer, John Bello. Jayna Marie knows all about weddings and engagements because her work has been featured on our site numerous times, a well-known makeup and hair artist in Vancouver. Adding to that, the proposal was just as fitting, as Rey proposed to Jayna at the exact moment she was called up to receive the prize for best makeup and hair at the BC wedding industry awards show. Their knack for excitement doesn’t end there, because on the day of their wedding, they had quite the surprise which brought on a lot of media sensation. Read on to see why!

urban engagement vancouver jayna rey (9)

urban engagement vancouver jayna rey (5)

How did you two meet?

I was invited to Reys birthday party as someone else’s date. At the end of the night, we finally danced together and had such a fabulous time. He told the DJ to play more music so we could stay on the dance floor after closing time. When we left the nightclub, he asked me so many questions about who I was and where I was from and then announced to all his friends that I was the woman he was going to marry. We have a picture of him down on one knee, pretending to propose to me on the night that we met!

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Tell us about the proposal!

Rey was convinced that we were meant to be together from the moment that we met but I needed another sign. We’d been dating for 4 months and I was at the point where I was either going to jump in with both feet or run in the other direction- I was scared because I knew he was so amazing that if I gave it my everything, we’d be together for a lifetime. I decided we should flip a coin and leave our fate up to the universe. Heads, we’d get married and Tails, we’d each go home in separate cars and never see each other again. We were both excited when the coin flipped heads and we called my mom to tell her we were getting married. She replied with “Are you on your way to Las Vegas right now?!” Rey promised me I’d get a real proposal and when he did- WOW was I surprised! 8 months later, exactly one year from the night we met, I went to a wedding industry awards show and I got called up to win the prize for best makeup and hair. When I went up to accept the award, everyone started screaming. I didn’t know why, until I looked down and saw Rey, on one knee, holding the beautiful ring up towards me. A Bruno Mars song was playing in the background “girl you’re amazing- just the way you are….” and I was speechless. Best. Moment. Ever.

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Can you give us a couple tidbits about your wedding? (decor, inspiration, theme?)

Because I work in the wedding industry and have had the pleasure of being a part of over 700 weddings over the last 6 years, I really wanted something that I’d never seen before. I wanted it to match our style so I chose a leopard print / Las Vegas nightclub styled theme. We had a cocktail reception with lounge tables and passed tapas. My bridesmaids wore leopard print pencil skirts, We had a flash mob choir at the ceremony and hip hop dancers performed at our reception. I surprised my groom with a music video played on a big screen and my mom RAPPED her speech. It was pretty amazing. ALSO, It all almost didnt happen because I spent my morning trapped in our hotel. There was a derranged gunman in the lobby of our hotel which caused an 11hr police standoff. Talk about a stressful way to start the day, but we have some pretty crazy stories to tell AND we made it on the 6pm national news!

Photography by John Bello



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awesome photos John! cuties couple ever!

Melissa on December 12, 2012

I have to say- I couldn’t be happier with these images! John had only 30min with us and I think he did a fabulous job. Thanks so much for the blog love, W.O.!! <3

Jayna on December 12, 2012

[…] This session has been featured on Wedding Obsession! Check out the post here: http://www.weddingobsession.com/2012/12/12/urban-vancouver-engagement/ […]

jayna marie + rey | portrait. | John Bello Photographer | Vancouver | Weddings + Portraits on January 10, 2013

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