I’ve been toying with the idea of forgoing my weekly wrap-ups, but I’ve been thinking it might be good for those of you who don’t visit the site each and every day. If you do ever have suggestions for the site, always feel free to drop me a line (melissa@weddingobsession.com) or comment. So today, I’ll be wrapping up our 4 fantastic posts from this week AND share some unique baked goodies that showed up in my inbox a couple weeks ago from BHLDN. They enlisted the help of a few New York City favorite bakeries (Momofuku Milk Bar and Almondine Bakery) to create the “A Different Take On Cake” feature, providing tips on how you can personalize the cake on your big day. I’m drooling just thinking of the possibilities!

Sweet Smorgasbord by Momofuku Milk Bar

Tip: When mixing different flavors, try opting for a ‘naked’-style cake (one without a final coat of icing) so that your guests can see what they’re getting into.

wedding cake without icing or fondant

A Cultural Spin by Almondine Bakery
What it is: Almondine’s traditional Croquembouche, a French dessert originally served at weddings and other religious ceremonies, boasts a towering peak of profiteroles (round, cream-filled pasteries), an all-over coat of crunchy caramel, and a dramatic swirl of spun sugar.

sugar spun cake green cake holder

Throwback Flavors by Momofuku Milk Bar
Tip: When thinking about your cake, keep the flavors you love outside of every wedding cake you’ve ever tasted part of the conversation, too. Malted chocolate milkshakes and fudgy brownies inspired by Milk Bar’s own wonderfully gooey and decadent creation.

pink cake holder twig on top silver

The DIY by Maggie Ruggiero, Food Stylist
Tip: If you’re looking to pinch a penny or two, pile your favorite palm-sized treat high! Height instantly adds a sense of specialness and formality. Further dress up your dessert of choice by giving each a drizzle of something colorful.

donuts on different layers wedding cake unique

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i absolutely love the donut cake.

Dannielle S. on December 22, 2012

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