There are wedding planning checklists all over the web. I tore one from a bridal magazine pretty soon after our engagement and it sat and collected dust on my bedside table for many weeks afterwards. I recently pinned a similar list, and since I’m still putting off a lot of our planning, lets see how behind or ahead of schedule I really am.


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Introduce the families and announce your enagement.

Check and check! It is Facebook official. He put a ring on it.

Find out who pays for what and start a budget.

Still hammering out a budget and clarifying some of this but we’re saving every month.

Create a guest list.

Check. The guest list is constantly being updated.

Compare calendars and select a tentative date.

Check. Not sure we “compared” with anyone.

Choose your wedding party.

Done! Can’t wait to have all our crazy friends standing up there with us.

Create a wedding website to share your engagement.

So far we’ve opted not to have a wedding website.

Consider whitening your teeth for your engagement parties and photographs.

Maybe later. I opted not to have an engagement party and our engagement photos aren’t booked yet, but good reminder!

Conduct interviews and hire a wedding coordinator.

I’ll be planning our wedding myself, thank you very much.

Decide if you want premarital counseling.

Nope. Not so far.

Start looking at photos of wedding dresses for inspiration.

Check. Thank you Pinterest. I only feel slightly crazy admitting that I’ve had the style number of a certain dress ingrained in my brain since before the engagement. (Still haven’t gone to try it on though because I’m afraid it won’t be “the one”.)

Send your enagement photos to the local paper.


Begin thinking about where you want to honeymoon.

California here we come!

Visit and book your reception site, and arrange for parking.


Visit and book ceremony site, including rehearsal time.

Check. Ceremony will be at the reception venue.

Create a save-the-date list.

Not so much. The save-the-dates are here sitting next to me on the desk, mocking me. As the guest list is under construction, I have only given out a few save-the-dates to close family.

I guess we’re not too behind. If you happened to read the whole list there are several items that I’m way ahead of the game on.

I’ll compare my progress again at the 6 to 9 month mark.

What about you guys? What did you put off?


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