JUN 21

Love Me Some Balloons

By Krista


Balloons are making a comeback. And I’m all over it! The mother of this bride, is not!
Tisk, tisk. Please forgive Mummy for not being a balloon fan. She’s earned her Director Of Design title, working in special events and interior design for the last 30 years. When she first started in the decor and event industry, balloons were everywhere. And not the pretty kind, strung with lace or tissue fringe. Or weighted with marbles to hang by the dozens from the ceiling.
modern bride with a white balloon neon ruffle
image by 1. Art Life Beauty, via Brooklyn Bride
No. Not nearly as pretty. We’re talking about the late ’80s here. The horror!
I suppose it’s one of those, “If you were around for the first time something was trendy, you ought not to wear it when it makes a comeback” sort of things.
Back in the day, balloons were an inexpensive decor item, light and easy to transport and they could be made in to the shape of just about anything if you had the time, patience, imagination and helium.
Nowadays, they’re popping up everywhere. In photoshoots, engagement sessions, weddings, as props and decor elements. And they can fit just about any scheme; romantic, vintage, modern, you name it.
There are plenty of interpretations. One single balloon, or a bunch, can make an awesome, cheery photo prop. Or loads and loads can turn in to an amazing installation.
image by Genevieve Renee Photographie, via Wedding Obsession
white balloon wedding centerpiece
image by Liz Linder, via Martha Stewart Weddings
image by Amanda Watson Photography, via Wedding Chicks


black white balloons to the ceiling for ceremony
image by Elizabeth Kaye, via Hey Gorgeous


image by Sugar & Soul Photography, via  Wedding Obsession

I haven’t quite figured out how (or if) I’ll use balloons for my own wedding next spring, but my Pinterest sure is full of them.

What do you think about the balloon “trend” are they here to stay?

Better in small doses, or do you love a big installation?


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I love seeing balloons at weddings! or anytime actually. Thanks for the inspiration Krista!

James Paul Correia on June 21, 2012

we are getting married on the end of a great big, giant dock; i have struggled with the whole idea of building anything to go up.

At this point, I am stuck between BALLOONS (hello, beautiful!) and a very minimal frame with STREAMERS!

But what about, Balloons WITH streamers on them!?

I love it. And I agree, none of those cheesy boring balloons, the big oversized round balloons!

lana on June 21, 2012

Balloon decoration were Awesome.Though Balloon decoration was an old idea but still it is in use everywhere.

Wedding Lehenga Choli on June 25, 2012

I love the balloon with a tassel in the first photo.. Where can I find these in Tronto?

Joanna on August 17, 2013

Claudine Manfredi – WOW!! Molly you look so beautiful!!!! Those are by far some of most amzaing photos I’ve seen in while. Every photograph was gorgeous and so was the location!! LOTS OF LOVE, HEALTH and HAPPINESS!!!! ClaudineMarch 6, 2012 11:59 am

Diane on December 08, 2015

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