APR 26

New Sponsor: Things Festive

By Melissa

Before we jump into today’s feature photoshoot, there’s a new sponsor to announce this morning.

“Since 2007, Things Festive has offered a vast selection of accessories and stationery items for making weddings, bridal showers and anniversary parties pretty and personal. We make it possible to incorporate a couple’s personal style, hobbies, and heritage into the wedding day. Our wedding experts offer inspired ideas for incorporating our product line into some of the most delightful and innovative wedding themes and color palettes. The end result: perfectly coordinated events.”

They actually ship from the U.S. and Canada so Canadian bride, you don’t have to incur those costly brokerage fees and excessive shipping costs. Check it out!

table runner cupcake linerbutterflies on cakering-pillow

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I love the paper cupcake holders. Do you have them for cakes?

Jo on April 26, 2012

Thanks, Jo

I’ve not seen wrappers for full-sized cakes but we do carry a variety of cake decorations.

Shar on April 26, 2012

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