APR 02

Happy Belated Bday to WO

By Melissa

I wanted to get a little personal with today’s post because well, I don’t often get a chance to. But that’s been a choice because after all, you’re here for wedding inspiration, not to hear about what I ate for breakfast. Indeed, the site has definitely changed over the past 4 years and to this day it has been something I’ve been utterly proud of, my own little baby I like to call it.

Well, believe it or not, Wedding Obsession is now 4 years old. OK, considerably young of course, but for me, it’s pretty big in the wedding blogsphere. In fact, while I was away overseas during the entire month of March, I somehow missed the anniversary date of when I started the site. So…



I’d like to consider April a renewal month, a time where I sit down to reflect where the site is headed. This time, I’ll share these goals with you because when written down for all to see, I’m held even MORE accountable. Right? To you and to myself.


add more of my personal updates. I started out the site being quite objective…then started personalizing it when I was planning my wedding and somehow stepped back when I got married.

prepare posts weeks in advance. Up until March of this year, I spent hours each and every night putting together the next day’s posts.

continue sharing only 1-2 real weddings each week. We all love inspiration, we love seeing pretty things. Years past, I used to share 3-4 real weddings a week. But the wedding content just gets diluted and redundant..it doesn’t allow each wedding to stand out.

do some of my own DIY. I got caught up with the new site design, building a home and never did deliver on the promised DIY items. I love graphic design and being crafty…this is my chance to share my creative side :)

do or share more studio visits. I personally have a love of interior design and hope you enjoy it too. Vendors, please send over your spaces if you have something special to share.

care less about the stats. I used to sit there and check my daily statistics religiously. Sure, the site needs to be financially worthwhile, if not to at least cover the costs of running it, but I found myself worried about how my posts would affect my daily visitor counts and honestly, it’s been tiring. Afterall, you have to enjoy what you’re doing, otherwise you turn resentful. Goodness, that sounds depressing.

And last but not least and definitely a goal that I’ve always had these past 4 years, stay dedicated to the CANADIAN bride. I’ve limited the amount of out-of-canada weddings and I’m proud to showcase Canadian vendors.



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Great goals!!! Happy belated birthday!!!

AmyPunky Photography on April 02, 2012

    thanks !

    Melissa on April 02, 2012

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