MAR 05

Worth Every Penny

By Krista

So we’ve addressed the criteria I had in mind while looking for a wedding photographer. David and I wanted someone with a less formal style, that would capture amazing candid photos we love so much and wouldn’t go overboard photoshopping things afterwards. Also, a second shooter would be top of the list.

I first came across Elizabeth Kaye when she was credited on a one year anniversary shoot. As I explored her website, I was thrilled to find that not only was she close by, but I absolutely love her photography style. As I clicked through on each page of her blog I grew more and more excited. I quickly contacted her through her website and we scheduled a Skype session for the following week.

As I learned during our 90 minute(!) video chat, Elizabeth first entered photography because she hoped to work in fashion and editorials. She brings that artistic eye and passion to wedding photography and she can still shoot in the style she loves, with out a massive staff of people weighing in behind the camera. We agreed that after our hour and a half long chat, chemistry would not be an issue. In fact, we seem a lot alike and we’re excited to work together.
Elizabeth made some fantastic points while we were talking. For starters, I wasn’t totally keen on doing engagement photos, since I’m not a huge fan of posing for the camera. Engagement sessions are included complimentary in her wedding packages for good reason. First, it gives the couple a chance to get to know how she likes to shoot and get used to the camera, so we’re more comfortable and we know the drill on our wedding day. Second, it gives Elizabeth time to get familiar with us as well and determine flattering angles for us. That sold me on the engagement session.

She’s clearly passionate about what she does and she keeps the bride and groom in mind at all times. Her goal is to get a flattering shot of the subject first and foremost, before grabbing the amazing shot, with the perfect background, at the perfect moment. She recognizes that it’s about us. I love this little bio about her, it hits the nail on the head.

Elizabeth Kaye is a wedding photographer who is inspired by fashion, love, and all things feminine. She specializes in capturing women with elegance, showcasing their natural beauty. Her style is editorial but without losing the wedding’s sensitivity. As much as she encourages vogue poses, deep down, she absolutely adores a good love story.




Elizabeth loves to participate in inspiration shoots and stays current and inspired by participating in events like the What If conferences and visiting shows such as the recent WedLuxe show that Melissa and I also visited. In fact, we almost met that day but I was rushing by and she didn’t recognize me until it was too late.

I’m so thankful that things worked out and as we Pinterest-stalk and Facebook eachother, I’m even more certain that Elizabeth is worth every penny. It feels like we’ve been friends for years. We’re so looking forward to shooting together.

I’m also beginning to brainstorm lots for the engagement session and I wonder if any of you WO readers have any suggestions for something new and out of the ordinary. Let me know what you’re thinking!


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Lovely photos! You’ve chosen a great photographer and I’m sure Elizabeth will capture your day beautifully!

melissa on March 05, 2012

Thankful to have the most amazing brides. One of my 2013 brides is also a blogger – who wrote about me! @wedobsession:

Elizabeth Kaye (@Elizabeth_Kaye) on March 05, 2012

Yay! That was my anniversary session you came across on SMP :) how fun! Beth is one of my bestest friends!

Rhiannon on March 05, 2012

Your wedding pictures are going to be stunning!!!!

Moni Abo Said on March 05, 2012

What a nutty day! So happy to announce our AWESOME wedding photographer @Elizabeth_Kaye today at @wedobsession

(@kjandco) (@kjandco) on March 05, 2012

@rhiannon – love your site!

melissa on March 05, 2012

[…] Now that we have our engagement photos back, I kick myself for waiting so long. We love them! Still so pleased that we have Elizabeth to shoot our wedding. She’s absolutely worth every penny. […]

Wedding Obsession - Canadian Wedding Inspiration Blog on November 21, 2012

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