After the vows are said, the cake is eaten, once your dress is cleaned and put away and the honeymoon tan fades, all you really have left of your wedding are your photos. For that reason, I consider them very important “investment” rather than a huge expense. Also, let’s add to the equation that I’m a sentimental sap and it’s highly likely that I will display these photos for years to come and revisit the album often.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that couples run out and sign with the most expensive photographer they can find. Just because they cost a fortune, doesn’t mean that they’re the best of the best or that you’re guaranteed to love their work. Plenty of high end fashion fashion designers send looks down the runway that we wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, right?

First and foremost, do your research. Luckily, looking is free!

When it comes to choosing a professional photographer for your wedding there are important things to consider, as well as the budget, don’t forget style and chemistry.

Although I didn’t set out with a firm budget in mind, I had a vague idea of what felt was a reasonable fee and my goal was to find a wedding photographer that I adored and we felt was worth every hard-earned penny.

Prior to planning our wedding, I was aware of a few wedding photographers in our area. That familiarity being largely based on the fact that friends or acquaintances had used them. I had browsed their websites casually and googled a little as well. (By the way, viewing local photographers’ blogs is also a great way to see ceremony and reception spaces in action). After I got engaged and I was no longer “window shopping”, I reviewed plenty of options online more carefully, I quickly began to realise what I did and didn’t want…

Second Shooter

Finding a photographer who works regularly with a second shooter, not just an assistant to do the heavy lifting, was top of my list and ruled out several people right off the bat. At my brother’s wedding and others that I have attended, there were often 2 (even 3) photographers. They were able to capture moments simultaneously from different angles. For example, the moment the bride walked down the aisle next to her father, as well as the instant the groom saw her. Or, during speeches, we have both the speaker at the mic and guests’ reactions. I don’t want to miss a moment. Also, a photographer who works on their own, will need to schedule two separate times to capture the guys and the girls getting ready separately.

Photoshop Extravaganza

I think this largely depends on your personal taste. By all means, please airbrush an unflattering armpit, muffin top, or a zit, but photos that look extremely altered, with funky colour or digitally stylized beyond the usual filters are not my cup of tea. I can see how it suits couples with a more modern, edgy taste. I guess in this respect, I’m a pretty traditional girl. I’d like things natural and (flatteringly) realistic. I could tell pretty quickly with a browse of a photographer’s blog if their style of editing didn’t match my taste.

Casual & Candid

While looking more closely at the work of a popular local photographer, I noticed that while her shots are pretty and she clearly has some awesome equipment, the photos seemed staged and formal. Subjects were posed, in ways that I felt were awkward and cheesy. It was something I began to look more carefully for when considering potential photographers. I’ll be crying, a lot, and talking a mile a minute and being my usual crazy self while David will  be as laid back as always. We’re pretty goofy together. I don’t think I could keep a straight face long enough for a super awkward pose with my parents, friends, or most importantly the groom. If it doesn’t feel authentic, how could it look right? How will I love it in my album for the next 50 years?


I can be a homebody, I live in my sweatpants at home. I don’t love posing for a camera. I usually end up talking or looking away awkwardly while pics are snapped, or making ridiculous faces on purpose, instead of smiling nicely. This might come as a surprise, but I’m not totally stoked to wear a dress, and be the center of attention all day. It’s important that I feel a connection with my wedding photographer, first and foremost in order to feel comfortable in front of them and their camera, and let’s not forget they’re going to spend a huge part of the most important day of our lives with us in a very intimate way. Up close and personal.

With that criteria in mind, we found a fantastic photographer and I’ll share more about the process later this week.
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I cannot agree more on how important it is to find the right photographer – (I’ve been recently recruited by my best friend to find one!). I am more picky than most – I am a photographer myself and I HATED my wedding photos. We had little control over our choice of photographer, as he was part of a whole package in another country – he was grumpy, unfriendly, way too old-fashioned in style and totally unconcerned with important details (eg he never noticed that my husband was wearing transitional lens, so all the outdoor shots looked like he was wearing sunglasses – if hubby had realised or been told, he would’ve simply taken them off!).

You are right – all you are left with to remember the day are photos – I never look at mine, and the only one I have framed and on display was taken by my Mother! So sad… :-(

Mandy on February 27, 2012

#brides is this #true ? #ithinkso #photography #wedding what’s #important ?

Nadia Jolobova (@ModestImages) on February 27, 2012

I’m getting married this coming August and been sooo busy with all the DIY projects, just finished my save-the-date cards today and next on the list is to find a photographer (it’s kinda late i know :( )

Don’t know if you already know about this website…I find it very helpful!

Libbie on February 27, 2012

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This is a great article…

It’s so important to do your research before booking a photographer. You’ve hit the nail on the head with all your elements here, what a great breakdown, thanks for sharing!

Larissa on March 07, 2012

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