Brrrrrr! Winter engagement sessions are something that brides/grooms sometimes shy away from because of the cold temperatures, but you just might change your mind after you see today’s love session by Shannon Yau Photography.

Liana and Mark live in Victoria, BC and will be getting married on the island this summer. Both are from Calgary and have a soft spot for snow and mountains so we decided to do their engagement session while they were home for Christmas. We started at the candy shop in Banff, which has always been a “must visit” for Liana. From there we made our way back to Canmore and enjoyed an unseasonably warm December day.

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// images: Shannon Yau Photography*

*Featured member on our Love List

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I am so happy I finally found a post about a Winter Love Session! I am definitely a snow fan and my dream wedding has to be sometime in the winter. It’s true that couples usually tend to reject the idea of a winter love session since it sometimes gets too cold and the pictures don’t turn out that great. However with a good photographer, a little patience, and a lot of love to keep you warm you can have a very successful love session in snow. Shannon and the wonderful couple proved that with this photo-shoot. A few tips and ideas I would have is maybe keep yourself close to a cabin, hotel or any place that you can quickly go in to between the shots for a little warmth. Also make sure you dress well and layer yourself. No matter how hot you may be inside while you’re dressed, you will be extremely happy with having 3 sweatshirts on. And the main tip and/or idea would be, have fun with it! It’s snow so bring out the kid in you and for the last few shots just have some fun like a snow ball fight or build a cute snow man together.
In total it’s a great post with some great inspirations. Kudos to the brave couple and the amazing photographer.

Katarina I. on July 02, 2012

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Wedding Obsession - Canadian Wedding Inspiration Blog on December 26, 2012

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