JAN 30

Winter Wedding Week!

By Melissa

Who’s been bummed out with the lack of snow this winter season? Our Ontario bride-to-be blogger, Krista, thought up a fantastic idea to get us out of this weather funk. Why not enjoy a couple days dedicated to winter wedding inspiration before we head into spring? As Krista puts it, we can consider it a “frost week”, a homage to “frosh week”. Sound like fun? We know there’s lots of you who are considering winter themes for your wedding, so this week is for you!

- On the menu this week -

* Silver winter wedding inspiration
* Krista’s exploring themes

* Studio visit to Lea-Ann Belter Bridal

* Winter real wedding
* Winter colour palette options

* Fun in the snow engagement
* Winter invites + wrap-up

As you can tell, I have another studio visit scheduled this week from my trip to Toronto earlier this month. I’m excited. Hope you are too!

xoxo, Melissa

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My husband and I actually just got married last Thursday on our 10-year anniversary. Being that it was an unusal wedding given that it was on a Thursday, during the day, and 10-years and we’re only in our mid-20s we decided to do something a little different. We got married outside, in my parents’ backyard in a snow structure that we built ourselves. We had a few difficulties given the lack of snow and higher temperatures (who would have though winter in Winnipeg, Manitoba would be this mild??!!) but we managed to pull it off! It was a gorgeous day, the structure looked AMAZING and we had a blast. I’m glad we got our factor!

Stephanie Taylor on January 30, 2012

yay! congrats Stephanie on 10 years!

Melissa on January 30, 2012

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